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I spend my days studying a lot of things from industry trends to every single possession of each Knicks game, but the one thing I think I've spent most of my life studying is the position of Point Guard in the NBA.

Last night I embarked on the mission of making the case that Raymond Felton, per dollar, is one of best contracts in the NBA. As part of the conversation I was provided this neat article from Tom Ziller (thanks Sharif) that spells out players who are great value adds based on their good plays vs. not so good plays. The one flaw I have in this is that where does controlling pace and not turning the ball over in a possession lie? With Felton at quarterback the Knicks, this season, are 36-20 and have turned the ball over a league low 830 times. Granted, J.R. Smith's poor shot selection, and some times Felton's (among others) should be counted as turnovers, but what the Knicks have done this season has been extremely impressive in terms of the valuing of possessions.

Look, I get it. This is New York. It's the Mecca of point guards on the hard courts. But, to me, as unpopular as it seems on twitter, Felton has been pretty solid for this team per dollar.

I give the guy credit for battling a broken hand and all things being considered it looks like the Knicks, once they get Tyson Chandler back, will be fully healthy at the right time (knocks on wood). Let's see if the Knicks can continue their solid play and get a good road win in Boston tonight.

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