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I've said this often during random basketball conversations but my favorite conference to watch in conference is the Big Ten. That's not a knock against any other conference, it's like saying what supermodel you'd prefer to date.

That being said, John Shurna has flown completely under my radar over the past for years. I knew that he compiled some serious numbers his first three years and was a sneaky good athlete, but I never made it a point to sit and watch a Northwestern game to take notes.

Shame on me. From all accounts, he's having a strong camp with the Knicks and he seems to be getting very close to becoming an NBA player.

Knicks fans should remember this, it's easy to say that they are old and don't have any draft picks, but the fact of the matter is that doesn't mean they will dry up from a talent perspective. They plan on using Erie as a breeding ground to develop young talent and borderline second round players like Shurna can find a home and mature to help the big club.

It will be interesting to see where Shurna ends up after camp, but the kid has talent and a really strong resume. And for now, he's property of the Knicks if they choose to send him to Erie or keep him on the big roster.

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