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Last season, Kenyon Martin joined the Knicks and brought his talent with him -- that said, why is it taking so long to re-sign him?

Update - 3:51 p.m.: Martin and the Knicks have reached an agreement, according to Adrian Wojnarowski. More here.

Jason Kidd even put in his own two cents and said Martin "saved our season."

Among other changes, because of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement there is a $3.18 million mini-midlevel contract, but organizations are instead hoping that their players will accept the cheaper veteran’s minimum contract.

"I think all teams are waiting out the free agency," agent Jeremiah Haylett told "They know guys will get nervous, and the longer teams wait, the more likely players will take a minimum."

The Knicks may be hoping that Martin takes this route.

Haylett also added that, "When a star player can get half of the available team salary every season or more it will start to create a bigger and bigger discrepancy between the high-paid players and minimum-paid players, as this new CBA continues."

The other option the Knicks may have would be to sign Jeremy Tyler over Martin.

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