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Fresh off suffering a loss in the NBA Finals, the Miami Heat will have their hands full while attempting to retain the likes of LeBron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade this summer.

With so much already on the team's plate, a pursuit of Carmelo Anthony and subsequent formation of of a Big Four is all but "a pipe dream," according to Pat Riley. (Lawrence, June 19). 

The Knicks are expected to have plenty of competition for Anthony's services, but perhaps the Heat won't be included on the short list of top contenders the star happens to consider.

Following the loss to the Spurs, James and co. may look to move on following four Finals appearances and two championship victories. Been there, done that. It may be time for a new opportunity, such as proving they can each win on their own while leading a team to greatness once again.

Even if the Big Three opt to remain together, further hometown discounts may not be in the cards. In the summer of 2010, the trio came together while each individual was still relatively young. Each player bought into the idea that a chance at multiple NBA titles was worth sacrificing a bit more financial gain over the next few years.

Despite the wins, financial security may be all the more important for the Big Three as each member gets older. They've accomplished greatness, coming together to win big. With such an achievement under each one's belt, perhaps it's time for them to cash in on such glory.

If they choose to do that while staying together in Miami, there won't be necessary money to go around for Anthony.

Should the Heat bow out of the pursuit of Anthony before it actually begins, New York will still have its fair share of competition for his services. Convincing him to remain in the Big Apple won't be an easy task, regardless of whether Riley and Big Three are active recruiters in the process or not.

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