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In his post titled, "Nobody Panic if the Knicks Lose Tonight, Okay?" Will Leitch makes the excellent point:

We said earlier this week that if the Knicks went 4-3 on this little two week road trip, their fans should be ecstatic. They're 1-0 so far. If, 36 hours from now,  they're 1-2, there's nothing to worry about. And if they're still undefeated? OK, then you can probably go batty.

This Knicks start has been encouraging, and folks definitely seem to be coming around to the idea that the team is in better shape than in years past -- myself included -- so I'm also hoping there isn't a giant backlash should they struggle on the road against two of the West's better teams. I'm not sure I can emotionally ride such a rollercoaster this early in the season.

Of course, let's hope instead we're dealing with a 7-0- start and a decidedly different problem, like trying to find room for everyone climbing on the bandwagon.

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