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"I got to figure that out. That’s what I’m paid to do," the coach said on Thursday. "I’ve said all along: it’s not how many minutes you get. It’s what you do with the minutes that you get. I’m a big believer in that. I’m not here to satisfy anybody. I’m here to coach this team the best way I’m capable of coaching it along with the staff. When you get in the game, you’ve got to perform and play."
Mike Woodson via ESPN New York

With Marcus Camby ready to make his season debut tonight against the Mavs, this appears to be the big question of the day. With Camby still the most spry of the Knicks' veteran bigs, as Camby is still an excellent defender and rebounder, it's obvious he's the one who will get the bulk of the backup center minutes, so the question is whether Kurt Thomas or Rasheed Wallace should sit?

The beauty of this question is that it really doesn't matter, I don't think the play of Wallace or Thomas will be the determining factor in how this Knicks season turns out, both are just there for some extra depth in the interior. My guess would be you stick with Thomas, who appears in better shape than the, shall we say, doughy Wallace, even though, yes, Wallace does currently have the highest PER in the league, and is automatically the league's current best player (I think that's how that works).

It's true that Wallace does give you the extra intangible that people just seem to smile when he's around, and he gives the team a lovable goofy quality that would serve them well were they currently working on a screwball sports comedy based on the Knicks. He's also shown he can still hit the occasional three-pointer, which is nice.

When it comes to Thomas, I would imagine Woodson's hesitation would just be having to actually tell Thomas he'll be losing minutes and stare into the abyss of those cold, dark, frightening eyes that pierce into your soul until you emerge as a shell of the person you once were.

Advantage: Thomas.

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