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We've talked about the effectiveness of the college offense made famous by the University of Kentucky also known as "Dribble Drive Motion" at great length here. We've noted this offense in how effectively Houston's guards attack the openings on both sides of the lane.

Here's more of an inside look into the details of the Xs and Os.

The dribble drive was invented by Vance Walberg as a means to take advantage of a guard's athleticism in attacking the basket and not having to always rely on the pick and roll. It has been adopted by AAU programs everywhere as many guards are comfortable with the ball and athletically attacking the rim. When you look around the league, more teams are adapting to this style in order to get their younger guards in better situations to leverage their positive qualities.

Now let's look at Iman Shumpert. Now that the Knicks have committed to him it makes sense, in my opinion, to move him away from the SF position and into the roll of a backcourt player in dribble drive situations. That doesn't mean start him there, but at least get him in a situation where he has the ball and is attacking the basket.

I understand that many people worry about turnovers, or his decision-making on the move, but I would live with that if he's making the defense react and there are shooters surrounding him. I would also mix in more pick and roll with him again capitalizing his physical gifts and not forcing him to stand around and look for catch and shoot opportunities. Defenses don't respect his jumper yet so he's really being hamstrung at the SF by being buried in the corner.

Glen Grunwald called Shumpert a player that they are developing this morning on WFAN in an interview with Boomer and Carton, but for me, are they really developing him offensively? Or are they hiding him?

Now that they've officially committed to him for the rest of the year and apparently moving forward, doesn't it make some sense to put him in the best situation to succeed?

You can bet his agents sure hope so.

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