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According to Marc Berman of the New York Post, the Knicks are unlikely to make a trade by Thursday's deadline, saying they'd prefer to go with what they have at this point. He's also spoken to Iman Shumpert and tried to put the young player's mind at ease given the rumors often involving his name:

Woodson reiterated this morning all was calm on the trade front.

“I don’t think so,’’ Woodson said when asked if a deal could still be made by Thursday. “We’ll sit tight and try to make this final run with what we have.’’

The Knicks coaching staff gave Shumpert a video montage of his highlights from his bang-up rookie season to review over the All-Star Break and remind him of the hellbent nature of his game.

“I spoke to Iman before the break,’’ Woodson said. “I tried to ease his mind about it. He’s not going anywhere. He’s going to be right here with us. He’s just got to get back ready to play.’’

This certainly makes it sound like we shouldn't expect any major moves from the Knicks by tomorrow. Sure, they might be able to pull off some kind of small deal involving Ronnie Brewer or something, but otherwise Woodson's stance would be almost a little bizarre. Sure, there's a lot of posturing as teams look to make these deals, but these public statements don't give much wiggle room.

I guess, should the team pull off some kind of major deal, Woody would just be like, "Whatever, I was just talking," but it would still seem a little weird to go out of your way to be this adamant for no apparent reason, though I suppose the thinking could be to just deny as much as possible so that no feelings are hurt should nothing go down, and if a trade does happen, no one's really going to remember or care that the head coach said it wasn't going to happen.

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