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Had a great chat with Ben Ross yesterday and his solution was really heady. He wondered why Melo just didn't go back door. Great thought, to me it's because Melo isn't used to that, but he should definitely read his defender staying home then react.

Another solution is to run a play that Woodson has implemented and that has Felton using a double screen high after a handoff going left-to-right. "Horns" is a set that has become en vogue in the NBA, especially in Golden State. In other words, start Felton on the wing and Kidd run the ball to him. After that, Felton would go off two high screens from Chandler and another screener with a shooter in the corner along the 3-point arc. Going from left-to-right and using 2 screens makes the PG work and it's impossible to switch on.

If Felton can turn the corner he'll force the corner man's (#3 or Melo) defender to choose to a) help or b) stay home, or in other words, give up a layup or a wide open corner 3.

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