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Carmelo Anthony told Marc Berman of the New York Post that his fasting could have contributed to the altercation between he and Kevin Garnett during the Knicks' last meeting against the Boston Celtics:

“It could have,’’ Anthony said of the fast being a contributing factor. “But it’s no excuses. During that time, I was deenergized. I wouldn’t use that as an excuse at this point.’’

I mean, who really knows, but it's certainly kind of possible. I know I'm a fairly miserable bastard when suffering from hunger, I remember once being forced to actual tears when my father came home from McDonald's having accidentally gotten me a fish filet, something I'm not proud of and also still a little bit upset about (Fish filet! What are you a sadist?).

That being said, by all accounts, Carmelo Anthony will be playing on a full stomach on Thursday, and should be more amply prepared for the onslaught of cruel and unnecessary insults Garnett has at the ready.

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