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"Where does a 30-year-old former All-Star with suspect knees, an albatross contract and a redundant skill set fit on a talent-rich, title-contending team? Does he fit at all? Can a prideful star who calls himself Stat find happiness as a role player? A bench player? A drifting satellite in Carmelo Anthony’s orbit? Is Stoudemire still essential to the Knicks’ cause?"
NY Times

You could see this coming a mile away. The NY Media doesn't like boring and that's just what the Knicks have been. No Eddy Curry to chase down for quotes. The Ghost of Marbury is long gone. No more wondering if Nate Robinson should play more. No more player/coach drama. They can't even get good quotes from Rasheed for crying out loud. This team is finally FOCUSED and it's a beautiful thing.

Here's my storyline with Amar'e. Come in, knock down open shots, heck, even stretch it out to the perimeter if you want. While you're out there rebound, enjoy some pick and roll and then stay on the floor in the flow, or head to the bench.

You want to win so there's how. If the Knicks struggle they will look to trade him.


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