line of scrimmage

Transcript of Tom Coughlin's media session today:

"Good afternoon. Still disappointed, that hasn?t changed. I think the players are very somber; they are remorseful because of an opportunity lost. We had many opportunities that we didn?t take advantage of. We didn?t play well, Dallas played better than we played. We created opportunities for ourselves late in the game, but we weren?t able to capitalize on them. We lacked consistency; we lacked fundamental technique play at the position with consistency pretty much everywhere. I was positive about our special teams play. I think that with our kickoff return team, we do have the possibility of going forward there, and establishing some opportunities in the return game. We did have a nice punt return as well, which was called back due to a penalty, and the penalty was legitimate.

Otherwise, offensively we were sloppy with technique, we were not consistent at all, we had dropped balls. We had some opportunities in the run game, but we didn?t seem to be able to push the line of scrimmage enough to crack the runner through the line of scrimmage. We?ll continue to work on that. We?re still very disappointed, obviously, in the goal line aspect of our game, with the ball on the one-yard line and the inability to score. Simple fact of the matter is, defensively, they score three of the four times they had the ball in the second half. That is a concern.

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