LJ Mazzilli

As a pair, Mazzillia and King make sense. They had nice debuts in Brooklyn and?will start 2014 in a-ball.?Their projections top them out as average big leaguers. They don't strike out too much and walk a bit.


#31 ? 2B LJ Mazzilli

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In the fourth round, the Mets selected UConn 2B LJ Mazzilli. Perhaps the most important thing for Mets' fans is that he's Lee Mazzilli's son. The second-most important thing is that he's a senior with little leverage, so he should be awfully cheap. The slot value for the pick is $441,800 and Mazzilli should sign for a relatively small fraction of that. The Mets picked two college seniors last year, Richie Rodriguez in the 9th round and Paul Sewald in the 10th, and the two signed for 7.8% and 0.8% of their bonus slots. No, that's not a typo.

This is going to shock you, but Mazzilli controls the strike zone well: 28 walks against 26 whiffs in 62 games this year as part of a .354/.408/.515 in 2013 as a Husky.

My first inclination was that Mazzilli would play 2B for Brooklyn, but I wonder instead if the Mets will push him to Savannah so last year's 4th Brandon Kaupe can play everyday for the Cyclones.

Tags: LJ Mazzilli, Toby Hyde