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6/4/15 | 8:39AM: Mark Messier was on Sportsnet 590 last night and said that he thought/hoped that the Rangers would get past Tampa Bay in the Eastern Conference Final.

Messier was asked if he still roots for the Rangers and said, " Oh yea, I love the Rangers, my son is a big Rangers fan. I got to know those guys pretty guy when I was working there, those four years, a good bunch of kids there with a lot of character and they are hungry to win. Been on a pretty intense journey the last four years and I was pretty hopeful that they would be able to get by Tampa this year but Tampa proved to be pretty resilient?

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Mark Messier spoke on Tuesday and said that the Rangers have "all the components you need to win a Stanley Cup." (NY Post)

Messier said that the next step for the Rangers is for them to actually do it and that he likes their chances of accomplishing their goal. (NY Post)

He said that one important key for the Rangers is all the experience in the playoffs they have accumulated over the past few seasons.

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Mark Messier said that Glen Sather and the Rangers have "earned the right" to take another run at the Stanley Cup which is what they did when they acquired Keith Yandle. (Newsday)

Messier said that the Rangers have shown resiliency with how they have won despite all the injuries they have faced. (Newsday)

He said that the team has properly positioned themselves for a playoff run and that with their recent run of strong games they are near the top of the league. (NY Post)

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Steve Simmons writes that there is less pressure on Oilers coach Dallas Eakins after his team has won three straight games but prior to that the Oilers were considering a coaching change and were "sniffing around" the idea of Mark Messier filling that role. (Toronto Sun)

Messier is currently working with the Oilers as a consultant and in talking about his role, Messier said that he is "available" for anything that the organization needs. He added that he told former teammates Kevin Lowe (Oilers President) and Craig MacTavish (Oilers GM) that he is available to them 24/7 for whatever they need. (Oilers)

He said that he speaks with the players, coaches and helps out with certain decisions. (Oilers)

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During Super Bowl week, Mark Messier did a few interviews to help promote the Kingsbridge Ice complex he is working with and was asked about his potential NHL future.

Messier was asked about coaching by Mike Francesa and answered by talking about how much he loved his time with the Rangers.

He said that he loved being part of the decision making process, constructing a team and trying to guide them to the Stanley Cup.

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Mark Messier was on MSG last night and spoke with Mike Keenan, Sam Rosen, Joe Micheletti and Bill Pidto:

  • On 1994 memories, "It has made them stronger. It's incredible that it's been 20 years like how we have been talking about over the last few weeks. We have been reminded often about the great experience for everybody and there is no shortage of people who will tell you where they were or how they felt or what seat they were in during the Final and playoffs and we are always reminded of what an unbelievable experience it was."
  • On what he would say to this team if he were the captain, "It's a great question and I think it's about reading the confidence level of the team and where you are at in the series. It depends. Sometimes you can be playing well and not getting results and not want to change anything or give a perception of panicking. Other times there is a need for a change or a wake up call and something that through experience you try and read as much as you can and it depends on the situation and there is no standard playbook for any given situation and I just think that it's something that you trust your instincts and what your experiences are and what track to take."
  • What one thing would you tell the players who haven't won the Cup before, "I think that is the magic potion, trying to drain 20 years of experience into guys who have never been there before but unfortunately the only way they get the experience is by being in the position they are in now and what they have done well and what works but if I had one thing to say, the one thing that we always talked about was focusing in on execution. Big games boil down to execution and your composure has to remain and you need to remember what you need to do to be successful. They need to focus on what they have done well as a team and their execution."
  • How would you like to see them play in game five, "I think what the Rangers are seeing now is that they don't need to play perfect for 60 minutes but they need to be opportunistic and saw that in game four, they got a timely goal and then hung on and got the goaltending that Henrik has provided for many years now so I think it's about taking advantage of the opportunities that arise during the game. They might not have played their best game of the series and ended up winning the game so I think what tells you is that when you get opportunities you need to convert and be opportunistic."
  • How do the Rangers handle a bigger team with more size, "the LA Kings present a lot of challenges for any team, not just the Rangers and they are a complete team and they got a lot of depth and talent and size and power on the wings and Kopitar and Carter are both 6-4 and can play-make and play well on both ends of the ice equally. Then you add Doughty and the goalie and the backbone of any strong team is down the middle and a couple of defensemen and a goalie but the Rangers are right there, they are getting a huge learning curve in the first three games. It's a different chapter when you get to the Stanley Cup Final and they are learning that. The Rangers just need to continue to do what has made them successful and that is a real dynamic, puck possession team, that has what got them to this point and I don't see drastic changes. If they execute and get emotionally invested like they did for the most part in game four, they will give themselves an opportunity and ride the coattails of Lundqvist."
  • What is it like to reunite with the 1994 group, "It's amazing. I was at Steiner today signing some autographs and seeing Joey Kocur and Sergei Nemchinov and all the boys starting to file in and it's amazing that this is happening and the Rangers are in the Final. It's exciting and for me personally it's gratitude, the respect that I have for everyone on that team that pulled together collectively to make a dream come true for all of us and I can't tell you, Mike would tell you what character we had in that room. Off the ice and on the ice, we had the heart of a champion and it's one of the reasons why we were able to overcome all the odds in NY and win in 1994."
  • What is it like for you to watch the Rangers in the Final, "I watched game two, the double OT game with my son and I said that I didn't know how my parents did this through all the years that I played. When you are playing you have a better sense or more control but I have been watching as a fan and they are an easy team to like and how they play on the ice, it's been exciting. To have this whole reunion to get together and watch the Rangers in the Final is real sweet."
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2:38PM: Messier said this morning that the Rangers need to play with a "take no prisoners" and "seek-and-destroy attitude." (NY Post)

9:37AM: Mark Messier was a guest on Boomer and Carton this morning (WFAN):

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Bruce Garrioch writes that the Edmonton Oilers are expected to stick with Dallas Eakins as head coach after a "disastrous" rookie season but "you have to wonder" if in the future the Oilers will look to Mark Messier to become head coach. (Ottawa Sun)

He says that while Messier wanted the Rangers job last year and was passed over, "you'd have to think" that he would still like to coach (Ottawa Sun)

Messier has been working as a consultant for the Oilers all season after leaving the Rangers.

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Mark Messier was on Boomer and Carton as well as TSN Radio and Sirius XM this morning:

Boomer and Carton:

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Back in early January, Mark Messier hosted a chat on Reddit and made the following comments:

  • Messier says that he has in fact joined the Oilers as an adviser.
  • Do you have a lifetime supply of lays potato chips, "I need you to negotiate my next contract."
  • Nobody, not even the broad street bullies, could intimidate Wayne Gretzky
  • What would he have done differently in Vancouver, "If I changed one thing I would not have accepted the captaincy from Trever Linden."
  • On the guarantee, Messier says that he was confident that the team could win and wanted to make sure that his teammates knew how he felt. He didn't mean for it to be bulletin board material for the Devils.
  • On winning with the Rangers, "the cup with the Rangers felt more like a responsibility to bring the cup to NY for the generations of fans who waited so long to see it at the Garden."
  • On this Rangers team, "I do think they have a realistic chance of winning a cup. Pick your top 8 goalies in the league and they all have a good chance. The Rangers got off to a slow start but I expect them to be much stronger in the second half."
  • On if he had gotten to coach the Rangers, "Hard to say what I would have done differently. Every coach has his own style. I expect the Rangers to have a great second half."
  • Could you return to the Rangers organization, "sure.....at some point the timing and opportunity may be right."
Other things from the chat:

  • Mess thinks that the rule changes added to the game over the years have been positive and the game will need to continue to evolve.
  • He reconnected with the son of a friend from his time in Edmonton
  • He likes the jersey tuck and the puck over glass rule
  • He is 50-50 on the NHL sending players to the Olympics but loves the caliber of hockey
  • Ax Smith was the craziest goalie he ever played with, "used to wear 13 pairs of socks in his skates and showered between every period. Loved that guy,"
  • During the early years of the Oilers the players were too young to realize how good they were but as time went on people started to take a moment to look at what they were doing.
  • He wishes he could have played with Bobby Orr.
  • The fifth cup in Edmonton was special because of how the team came together after Wayne Gretzky was traded.
  • He recently showed all of his Stanley Cup rings to his ten-year old son for the first time
  • Esa Tikkanen was a "constant form of entertainment."
  • Sidney Crosby, for sure, is the one player in today's NHL he would want to play with.
  • Records never meant that much to Messier and that his motivation every night was to win
  • He was glad to start in the NHL as an LW because there is less responsibility and a better way to break in.
  • He hated playing against players who wanted to win more than him....."lol."
  • Winning the MVP award that is voted on by the players is the trophy, besides the Stanley Cup, that means the most to him
  • Took him 5 years to be able to talk about his career without starting to cry
  • He never felt he was in the shadow of Gretzky and no one player can win a Stanley Cup on his own. "I was part of a team that shared a vision and a passion."
  • Coming to MSG as part of the Oilers was intimidating
  • He loved being in New York from the first game to the last game
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Mark Messier was a guest on Hockey Night in Canada Radio on 1/28 and said:
  • On being part of the rink project in the Bronx after spending so much time in NY,"That is part of where we are standing here today, when we won the Cup in 94 we inspired a lot of sports fans and kids who found out that if they wanted to play hockey or wanted to continue to play hockey it was going to be tough. It was disappointing to me and one of the problems in this area is real estate and trying to get the land and this is a city owned building and a landmark that has sat vacant for 20 years as it tries to find the best use for the community. We were able to sell the idea and the dream to the people in the Bronx that it was a future place for their kids and after school programs and overall it's a huge imitative and to have the opportunity to grow the game of hockey, to be part of that it's an incredible project and I am happy to be part of it."
  • Who would be playing there, "First, the name is the Kingsbridge National Ice Center so when we started...we have Sara Hughes the Gold Medalist figure skater from the US on our team so figure skating and hockey were the main focuses but we quickly got calls from Curling, who took out one rink completely, synchronized ice skating has called about a rink, short track speed skating so this is a building that will house all ice sports and we didn't even expect that when we were putting the plan together. We want to be a center for excellence in all ice sports, hockey will be a big part of it. We want to get a junior league team there, we have talked with some colleges from the Manhattan area and we would like to get a semi-pro team, AHL caliber team in there. We have a 5,000 seat event space that can transform into concerts so it's the real deal, a $320 million dollar project so we have the capital to make it a center of excellence."
  • On his future, "this did fall at a good time for me. I am doing work with Bauer over the next ten years to try to grow the game by a million extra players so another chance to be an ambassador for the game and get new families and new kids into the game and dispel the fears that surround the game. It's a big initiative. I think the NHL hockey will always be part of my life and I have never ruled anything out. I have been helping out Edmonton as an adviser to get them another set of eyes and be in contact with Craig and the team there. I love that and love being part of building something, that is why Kingsbridge is so exciting but I love the opportunity of trying to build a Stanley Cup winning team too so I am keeping my eyes and ears open to any opportunity that might look good but I think Kingsbridge will be a solid 3-5 years to get it launched and get it going and in the meantime we will see what happens."
  • On who he likes to watch in the NHL, "I was surrounded by some of the best players who ever played the game but also can't forget all the role players who did their jobs to make the teams successful and that can never be overlooked and over analyzed. The glue pieces, the glue guys that didn't get enough credit and did a lot of work in the trenches to make the skill guys job easier. That is part of building a team and getting guys who can cover multiple areas and not being one dimensional and play different kinds of games and styles. I can't remember another time in the game with so many good, young talented players. Just pick a team and you probably have 2 or 3 guys who are extremely talented. Sidney Crosby is a guy who can play in any era. He has skill but is also one the top corner players in the league. His combo of strength, finesse, skill, grit are unmatched. Toews and Kane in Chicago, Ovechkin, defenseman, you can just go down the line and I am probably missing 10-20 guys off the top of my head and Crosby for me is a great mix of talent, grit and power."
  • On the Heritage Classic in 2003 when he was still with the Rangers, "there are times and moments that go on during the year that are bigger than the game itself. The outdoor games have become that. It's bigger than the game, it's about the history and preserving the history and we always meed to be reminded that there are a lot of players who laid the groundwork for the players on the ice. We gotta do and continue to do a great job of preserving the history of the game. These outdoor games are a good time to reflect on the games. "
  • On the Messier and Gary Coleman picture, "that was a time when they allowed beer in the dressing room (laughs) that was a long time ago. I think picture was from when different strokes was the hottest TV show on TV and we had just won a playoff series and the crew was in Edmonton doing something, god only knows what, and they were guests of the Oilers and made their way down to the locker room and to my surprise, pictures were taken... and in the days before the Internet we didn't have to worry about them (laughs). Somehow that surfaced. Gary Coleman was a huge star at that time and we were pretty excited to have him in the dressing room."
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Mark Messier was in Canada yesterday and spoke with Sportsnet about Rangers captain Ryan Callahan.

Messier said that Callahan has done a great job with the Rangers, leads by example and is the real "leader and inspiration for the team."(Sportsnet)

Messier adds that Callahan is a "winner" and his consistency with how he approaches the game on and off the ice is "admirable."

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Mark Messier was a guest of Mike Francesa yesterday on WFAN:

  • How are things, "couldn't be better."
  • Mike: "You like sporting events....interested in the Super Bowl," Mess: "Absolutely interested, what a great week in NY. Two outdoor games for the NHL, the Knicks are playing and the Super Bowl. If you are a sports fan you gotta be here in New York city."
  • Do you like the outdoor games, did you ever play in one like this, "I played in the inaugural one in Edmonton the Heritage Classic almost 10 years ago. I was an active player at that time and the Rangers gave me permission to go back and play with my old teammates. We played in an Alumni game against the Montreal Alumni. I can't believe the success of it."
  • Do the players like it, "I think it's a great team building opportunity for the players, the fans across the country want it. It's a great time for as a league to reflect on the greatness of the past and the future and overall it's just been a home run, no pun intended."
  • On the Rangers this year, "they got off to a tough start, a tough schedule with the last year of the MSG Renovation and all the travel on the road. Coming into the season I think they knew they were in for a tough start. The coaching change I think they knew it would take some time but I don't think there is a team playing better than the Rangers right now. I said ten games ago that I expect a strong second half and they have a lot of balance and they will be in the conversation come playoff time in the east."
  • What has to happen for a good playoff run, "it always starts with goaltending which they have. (Interrupted)
  • Does the PP look good to you, "everything looks good, the PKing, the style of play, they are playing fast, they are controlling the puck, getting balance contributions from everybody, they have some synergy in their lines right now. They have established the first line and when a new coach comes in it takes time and the biggest difference in the team right now is that they believe in what they are doing, they believe in the process and their play reflects it."
  • On the Olympic break for the Rangers, "When you are playing as well as the Rangers you would hate to break at anytime. The rest will do the players good. When they come back it will be up to the players to take care of themselves so that when they do come back they can get back to the level they were at. We all want to see Olympic hockey. I was there in 2010 in Vancouver, it was one of the best hockey experiences I ever had in my life and I wasn't even playing. I think the hockey world understands that it's good for the game and the players as well."
  • Do the Olympics help grow the game, "I come from a time when I used to watch Olympics and the amateurs played and a guy had three jobs, had four kids and was scraping nickels together to get ready for the Olympics so I have seen both sides. I played in the Canada Cups so I had the experience of representing my country but they weren't the Olympics. Now with the Olympics we have the best vs the best and in the past it was tough to compete against the Russians because they weren't technically professionals, they did it full time. They toured around the world and were formidable for a long time."
  • Did the Miracle on Ice shatter the Russian team, "there is no question that they never in their craziest plans or dreams that they thought they could lose that game. It goes to show you what sports is all about, you never know what can happen. They had guys who believed in their mission and cause and they had the coach at the right place and the mission and the players and opportunity and the biggest thing that I always take out of the movie is where preparation meets opportunity. One thing they could control was their willingness to compete and they knew they could compete with the Russian's on conditioning level. In the end it is what separated them from other teams and allowed them to take the opportunity."
  • Describe what you brought to your teams, "I don't think it can be answered in this short interview. It was believing that no one person could win a championship, everybody is responsible, making everybody feel important and part of the team no matter how small the roles were. Generally it was understanding that to get over the line or win the cup that collectively we needed to do this together. We needed to share the same discipline, same dreams, same vision and believe in the road map that has been created for us and help each other along, believe in each other, pick each other up, give second chances, all the things, the love, whatever things you want to talk about. That is the only way that I have experienced winning."
  • On the guarantee and the Devils series, "the Devils were a great team and like in any seven game series were were getting and losing momentum and there was a lot going on in the team. We believed we could beat the Devils because we had done it all year but the Devils were a good team and we had to get the momentum back and one way to do that was believing that we could do it ourselves. It wasn't about putting the onus on me, it was about the team understanding that I believed that we could go in there and do it and that collectively we could galvanize as a group."
  • On the game Richter had that night, "we aren't here talking about it if it's not for Mike Richter."
  • Who will win the Super Bowl, "I thought that San Francisco had a good chance...I was impressed with Seattle's game, the defense, athleticism, the QB Wilson but it's hard to bet against Peyton. A contemporary of mine, I need to go with my contemporary and they have been there before. He has been there before, their defense is better. I will go with Peyton."
  • On big games, "that is the beautiful parts of sports and for young kids to watch and see how Peyton handles himself. It's about preparation, commitment, getting ready to play the game. He has the talent and the mind but none of that comes into play if he doesn't make the commitment to be a pro. If you are talking about young kids who want to play, it's about being a pro. I bet he has brought nothing but excellence and the desire to be as best as he can be into that locker room. There needs to be accountability because you can't win the game alone. You need to trust that everyone has put the same amount of prep as you and they want to win just as bad as you."
  • Messier is an ambassador for Can-Am motorcycles and says that he had one when he was 15 years old. This is coming back 40 something years. I love the outdoors, I hunt and fish and do whatever."
  • Where are you spending your time, "my kids are in school in CT and when I didn't get the job with the Rangers I got an incredible opportunity to be a partner in a project in the Bronx that will build the worlds largest ice plex with nine sheets of ice."
  • On the ice arena, "It's the armory on 195 street that sat empty for 20 years. It's 750,000 square feet. You could put 3 or 4 football fields in there and we came to the community and said that we wanted to build a place for all winter sports. We have ice hockey, figure skating with Sarah Hughes, sled hockey, curling came in, short track speed skating. 9 rinks with a 5000 seat center. We just got the permits because it was a historical landmark, it was a big journey."
  • How long, "we are planning to open in the fall of 2017. It's a major undertaking with a lot of moving parts but we have gotten nothing but support from the community and business and people of New York. They all want to see it happen for the kids in the area."
  • Would you like to coach, "it's an interesting question. I can't tell you how much I learned in the four years I was with the Rangers from management and being around those guys and how much fun it was to be making decisions and guiding a team to the Stanley Cup. I loved it and learned a tremendous amount. It was disappointing when I didn't get the coaching job because I wouldn't have applied for it if I didn't think I would get it."
  • On the downside of coaching and the day when they may have to fire you, "that is a valid point, I don't look at it that way. You never think of failing but I think it's important to realize that the day you get hired you are close to being fired. I don't look at it as a risk but as an opportunity and being at the right place at the right time and perhaps take the team further."
  • It's something you may do down the line, "absolutely there is no question. I am doing some small work with the Oilers, some eyes out here in the East and the NHL is not far away. I loved my four years with the Rangers and learned so much and this is an opportunity that will impact hockey in a different way.
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Mark Messier was on TSN Drive with Dave Naylor this afternoon:

  • I was part of the one in Edmonton way back when and who knew it would grow to this success. The best part of these outdoor games are to reflect on the past and it transcends hockey in a way and people want more of them. It's a great success story and highlights our great game."
  • How difficult are they to play in, "no question. Some teams adjust to it better. It comes down to mental toughness. Goalies have it the toughest because they can't get to the bench where there is heat. They are in the game and working and it's been good weather wise. We had the delay on Sunday which adds to the mystique of playing outside because you can't fight the weather. You can't fight weather and it adds to the element of of playing outside."
  • On his guarantee in 1994, "Its amazing that it will be 20 years. My experience having won Stanley Cups lead me to know that we were close to winning the Cup and we needed to rebuild our confidence. I was only trying to find a way to instill the confidence that we could go in there and win that game. We knew the Devils were the chance that if we got through them we could win the cup."
  • How calculated was it, "Its a seven game series, you get mo and lose mo and always trying to establish how fragile the team is. We weren't playing poorly but we were playing a team that was playing excellent. We needed to play better and elevate our game. It was meant to be a quote for the players and I look back at it now and how naive. It was just a message that we could win that game and sure enough we did."
  • "When we play in NJ we went on a bus. I knew we would get on the bus and everyone would be reading the clippings going to the game that day but it wasn't meant for them, it was an oversight and I was so focused on getting a message to our team. It was talked about in the room.
  • On his work with the Oilers, "I'm working with the Kingsbridge ice center and took on a role with Edmonton and am in direct contact with the team."
  • On coaching in the NHL, "I love the game and I love being part of the Rangers and part of being the team that builds the team. I had a great opp to win the biggest ice complex. It's a big undertaking and will take an army of people to pull it off. Our partners are committed to it and all the different sports, sled hockey, figure skating."
He was also on NHL Live yesterday:

  • On the Stadium Series, "I think it turned out, the first game, it turned out what you would want it to be. The delay with the sun, who can predict weather wise what will happen and it adds to the element to the game. In the old days you would play and switch at the midpoint of the game because one team might have the chance to be up wind or down wind. It turns the clock back in that regard. It kind of transcends the game of hockey and makes it for people who wouldn't go to a hockey game to experience it but its also a team during the regular season that we can reflect on the greatness and the future and present as well and pay our respects to the players who have laid the groundwork for the current players. There are a a lot of great builders who have set the stage for the current game."
  • On the impact of the game in the tri-state area and how much it has grown, "I think the names that you start to talk about and can go back farther than that in 40s and the Islanders in the 80s and Devils in the 90s. 3 pretty incredible franchises but I keep getting back to the current players and how important it is for them to understand the history of the game and the meaningfulness of these kinds of events and the impacts they can make in the communities and the young kids watching the sports. It's the right time to understand that impact and with 3 NHL teams we can do a lot of work to grow the game and give them the opportunity who either because of economics or because they didn't have the facilities to come on the ice."
  • On the 2003 outdoor game with the Oilers. "I was playing for the Rangers, got permission to fly back and play in the Heritage classic and be with my old buddies and play against the old Montreal players, much like the one in Philly a few years ago. I remember taking that opportunity to reflect on the game and how many great people you come across and how far the NHL has come as a game and a business and the amount of people that you reach. That is what you think about when you see 45,000 people sitting there to see two hockey games in minus degree weather. What more can you say about a legion of fans who wanted to be part of it. When you skate on that ice surface there is a lot to be proud of."
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With his third period goal off of his own rebound, Jaromir Jagr has moved into a tie for the eighth most goals in NHL history. The 41-year-old Czech native ties former Red Wing Steve Yzerman at 692 career goals.

Jagr needs just two more goals to move into seventh place, alongside Mark Messier.?

11961Wayne GretzkyF14878941963285757751820473910.6011.3201.921
21928Gordie HoweF17678011049185016850.4530.5941.047
31964Brett HullF1269741650139145823265201100.5840.5121.096
41951Marcel DionneF1348731104017716002823419740.5420.7721.314
51942Phil EspositoF12827178731590910249231180.5590.6811.240
61959Mike GartnerF1432708627133511596721723900.4940.4380.932
71961Mark MessierF175669411931887191021017963920.3950.6791.075
8t1965Steve YzermanF15146921063175592418520250940.4570.7021.159
8t1972Jarom?r J?grF141669210161707973286195111210.4880.7181.206
- Stats via Quanthockey.com
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Mark Messier taped an episode of Centerstage with Michael Kay today and the NY Post reports Messier says that he has no hard feelings towards the Rangers over being passed over for the head coaching position.

Messier said that he will be part of a group of people who will help introduce the new Madison Square Garden on Friday.

He said that there is a bond between him and the Rangers that will be there until the day he dies.

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7:42PM: On HNIC, Glenn Healy said of Messier joining the Oilers, "The Rangers mistake is a gift for the Oilers. He isn't going to jump in full-time, he will be doing things where you meet with a Danny Dekeyser and if you have Mark Messier in your living room and you don't think that the Edmonton Oilers are a great organization you aren't paying attention.

1:42PM: John Shannon tweets that Messier will do some scouting and project work for the Oilers. He also says that Messier wants to stay involved in case an NHL job that he wants becomes available.

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While in Edmonton for a sports memorabilia dinner and to see Kevin Lowe and Craig MacTavish, Mark Messier spoke with the Edmonton media, via Oilers Now on 630 CHED, and the topic of his future in the NHL was brought up.

Messier was asked if he intended to get back into the NHL after his project with the Kingsbridge Armory is finished and Messier said, "I do, for sure."

He added that he took this opportunity to because he has been involved for the past three-years and the area means a lot to him.

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In the NY Post, Mark Messier spoke with Larry Brooks and said that it was Glen Sather who approached him about the Rangers head coaching position after John Tortorella was fired.

Messier said that after taking some time to discuss the idea with his family, he told Sather that he feels like he has the right qualities to bring the Rangers to the next level, Sather should go through the process and hire the person he feels is right for the job, even if it isn't him.

Messier said that he isn't bitter at all and was considering taking on a bigger role with the Kingsbridge complex for a while.

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Mark Messier has released a statement announcing that he is leaving the Rangers organization to to develop the Kingsbridge National Ice Center in the Bronx.

He has spent the past four seasons as a Special Assistant to President Glen Sather. The Rangers media guide said that Messier "assists President and General Manager, Glen Sather, in various on and off-ice team activities."

Messier says that this decision had nothing to do with not being chosen as head coach and that he has no hard feelings towards Glen Sather or the Rangers organization.

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In the NY Post, Glen Sather spoke with Larry Brooks and said that he isn't sure what the future holds for Mark Messier in the Rangers organization.

Sather said that Messier was disappointed to learn that Sather chose Alain Vigneault to become head coach and that he would take a few days to ponder his future.

Sather said that he and Messier have not spoken since that call.

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In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that the Rangers should make Mark Messier the head coach of the Wolf Pack and allow him to gain experience running and managing his own bench so that he could one day be a more formidable candidate to become a head coach at the NHL level.

Brooks says that the team could make Ken Gernander an associate coach but he doesn't specify whether that would be with the Rangers or the Wolf Pack.

By coaching in the AHL Messier would allow himself to expand the pool of potential teams that would hire him as the two teams who have had interest in him coaching are the teams that he has deep rooted history with and long term connections.

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In the Daily News, Mark Messier spoke with Pat Leonard a out the situation Glen Sather finds himself in with regards to Messier and hiring a new coach.

Sather had known the Messier family dating back to when he played junior hockey with Mark's father.

Messier came to Sather's Oilers in 1979 and won 5 Stanley Cups with home.

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In the Daily News, Pat Leonard exchanged texts with a a current Ranger who said that be isn't rooting for one specific candidate to become head coach, but said that there is an appeal to Mark Messier.

The player said that Messier "has proven that he?s a man that can lead men to do great things. And there is a wealth of knowledge and experience that he has.?

Adam Rotter: Messier has tremendous appeal but not in the position of head coach. He deserves to be around the players and should sit down right away with, likely, Alain Vigneault and hammer out a way for messier to have a role with the players, whether as an assistant coach, consultant or whatever. I wouldn't be shocked if one of the things Glen Sather brought up in his talks with Vigneault was having Messier around.

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Mark Messier is in Chicago today to present the Mark Messier leadership award and while speaking with reporters, Messier said that he has interviewed for the Rangers head coaching position.

THIS SECTION is all about the idea of Messier becoming head coach.

Messier told Pat Leonard that he spoke with Glen Sather on a few different occasions and told him of his interest and belief in his ability to coach the Rangers.

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6.14.13/9:40AM: At Rangers Report, Carp writes that he spoke with Brian Leetch last week and that he isn't sure he wants to leave his family to be a full-time assistant coach at this point.

Carp said that the did get a sense that Leetch would like to be involved in some way with the Rangers coaching staff, especially if Mark Messier becomes coach.

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In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that if the Rangers were to hire Mark Messier to be their head coach there would be an immediate level of respect from the players.

Brooks writes that the challenge will be keeping that respect while doing the job.

Adam Rotter: The players just need to have their eyes open as they walk around MSG or the Training Center to see what kind of impact Mark Messier has had with this team and in this city. He has won in NY and that appeals to this group which thinks it's in a position to do the same. That being said, that respect could go out the window quickly in training camp if Messier doesn't have an understanding of what to do. I still think Messier's best role is as a consultant. Someone who does a few different things with the players but has a presence with the team and is in 100% agreement with the coaching staff.

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Pierre McGuire was a guest on Mike Francesa today and said that Alain Vigneault and Lindy Ruff are both outstanding coaches and candidates for the Rangers.

McGuire said he is very familiar with both coaches bodies of work and that he worked with Vigneault when both were assistants in Florida and he coached against Lindy Ruff when Ruff was an assistant with the Panthers.

He added that he would love to be inside the room when Mark Messier gets interviewed because he wants to see what Messier would say when asked about his approach to coaching.

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According to Larry Brooks in the NY Post, Mark Messier is in La Quinta, California for the Rangers organizational meetings in his role as Special Assistant to Glen Sather.

Messier though is recusing himself from taking part in the interviews with coaching candidates.

THIS SECTION is about Messier wanting to become head coach of the Rangers.

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In the NY Post, Larry Brooks writes that Mark Messier remains in the coaching mix even though there is no indication of Glen Sather's feelings on Messier becoming head coach.

Brooks says that it's unclear whether Sather is willing to consider the idea of hiring someone without any coaching experience.

THIS SECTION is all about Mark Messier being Rangers coach.

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On Hockey Central at noon, Nick Kypreos and Doug MacLean discussed Mark Messier and the Rangers head coaching position.

Kypreos said that it's a tough situation for Glen Sather because not only will he have to tell Mark Messier "no" when it comes to him getting the job, but that Messier could then leave his position in the Rangers front office.

He added that he think Messier would leave the organization if he doesn't get the head coaching job and that the next coach of the Rangers may not be comfortable having a guy like Messier, who wanted the job, watching from above every night.

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At Sportsnet, Neil Smith, the man who brought Mark Messier to NY, was asked about the Rangers coaching situation and said that it's up to Glen Sather to make a decision that he believes will get the Rangers to the Stanley Cup Final.

He said that the key to this decision will be for Mark Messier, as part of the Rangers organization, to be supportive of whatever decision Glen Sather makes and not pout if he doesn't get the job.

Smith said that Messier will need to be especially supportive if the new coach gets off to a slow start.

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Monday, on Team 1200 in Ottawa, Pierre McGuire said that Mark Messier has been thinking about coaching for some time and that the two of them had conversations about coaching a few years ago.

McGuire notes that there is some precedent for a team bringing in a former player with no experience and points to Montreal doing so with Mario Tremblay in the 90s.

Tremblay coached two years in Montreal, before being replaced by Alain Vigneault, and was a main reason why Patrick Roy asked to be traded.

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In The Hockey News, Ken Campbell writes that it would be quite a big disaster for the Rangers if they hired Mark Messier or Wayne Gretzky to be their head coach.

Campbell writes that the lack of experience both men have would lead to a bad situation, "coaching is a craft that is learned over years of hard work and experimentation. You spend years learning which buttons to push and you pick up intricacies of the game that none but the most trained eye can see. You get a feel for your players and your bench and you learn what it takes to gain an advantage over the opposition during the frenetic pace of a game."

Campbell says that the only way hiring Messier or Gretzky would work is if they were figurehead coaches and the Rangers paid an exorbitant amount for an associate coach to do the actual coaching.

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7:17AM: 6/4/13: In the Ottawa Sun, Bruce Garrioch writes not to dismiss the idea of Messier becoming coach of the Rangers. He says that if Messier shows that he really wants the job and will commit to the work, he could get the job.

Garrioch writes that Glen Sather is considering Messier but that he would need a strong associate head coach with a lot of experience to run the technical aspects.

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On Hockey Central at Noon, Nick Kypreos and Doug MacLean spoke about the Rangers coaching?vacancy.

Kypreos said, "If they weren't interested we would have heard by now. When there was no follow up to Wayne Gretzky saying no, that was the day it became Glen Sather's biggest headache, nightmare. You can tell Dallas Eakins no...... but to tell Messier or Gretzky no is another story."

Doug MacLean, a former coach and GM, said that this is turning into a big headache for Sather and that he isn't sure Sather wants either one of them to be coach.

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Recently on Sportsnet, Nick Kypreos spoke about how the next coach of the Rangers needs to understand the direction that the entire organization is heading in, starting with the future of upper management.

He said, "If you are going to consider a Messier, Gretzky or Leetch, you have to be crystal clear on the direction that you are personally going to go. Sather has held these cards so close to his vest and these guys want to know where the future is going. Is Glen Sather going to be involved for the next five/seven/ten years? He is 70 years old and at some point you want to groom somebody to come over."

Doug MacLean said that he thought that role, replacing Sather, was the one best suited for Messier.

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At ESPN NY, Johnette Howard writes that if Glen Sather believes the biggest thing holding his team back is mindset and not talent, then Mark Messier could be the right fit as head coach.

She says that with Messier, the Rangers would get the best, "most magnetic leader" the NHL has ever had and that the part of the job that fits with Messier is getting everyone on the same page and saying "follow me, boys."

Messier, Howard writes, would inject life and excitement into the organization and the players and that things like x's and o's and running training camps, things Messier has no experience with, could fall to assistant coaches.

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Reports out of Canada from former Ranger Nick Kypreos are suggesting that not only does Mark Messier have interest in the Rangers coaching position, but that Wayne Gretzky does as well.

Kypreos and Doug MacLean talked about the situation a little while ago on Sportsnet.

Kypreos said "I hear both of them are and to me that is the biggest story, that they haven't shoo shooed this at all. You look at where both guys are in their lives, and to say that they are intrigued by it and didn't dismiss the idea tells you volumes about the position of head coach of the NY Rangers. Mark Messier, no experience, Wayne Gretzky has four years of experience but to hear that their names are in play and possibly on a short list for Glen Sather says a lot."

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According to John Shannon of SportsNet, Mark Messier is truly interested in coaching the Rangers.

Pat Leonard reports the same thing in the Daily News.

Former teammate Nick Kypreos reports on Messier's interest as well.

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5:36PM: Bob McKenzie said on TSN Radio earlier today "There is the Messier route, he has no experience but he is Mark Messier. I don't know if Mess wants to do it. I know a year ago, after the Oilers fired Tom Renney and didn't name Ralph Kruger as head coach, that they investigated that possibility of Messier coming home to Edmonton as a coach. I don't think Messier was either a) up for coaching at the time or b)going back to the Oilers. I think he is intrigued by the notion of doing something more than he is doing. Does he want the whole enchilada, jump in with two feet. Does he want to dive in head first?"

5:18PM: Katie Strang of ESPN NY sent out a tweet saying that the Rangers will definitely not overlook the idea of making Mark Messier the head coach.

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Prior to game one, Mark Messier was on The Michael Kay Show. This is what he said:

  • On the keys to the series, "when you talk about playoffs, the first thing you talk about is goaltending. We feel confident with Henrik Lundqvist with the way he has played in the past and the way he closed out the season. The next thing is defense, you need to keep the puck out of the net and we need to get some timely scoring. If you had to pick one thing, we can really be confident about goaltending.
  • On dealing with Alex Ovechkin, "he is such a great player and he will get his opportunities, he will score his goals and we want to limit it as much as we can. Because of Staal's absence, the defense will need to do it as a committee. We talk about defense as a unit of five and not just the two defense. Del Zotto has really matured over the past few years and John Moore has come in and been a great surprise. He has played with a lot of maturity and been solid defensively. I think we will have to do it as a team. We need to limit Ovechkin's damage."
  • Was playing playoff hockey the last few weeks good or bad? "I don't think they are tired. It's a shortened season. We made a lot of chances and it took a while but we found our stride at the right time. It renewed our energy at the right time and now we need to take it into the playoffs and execute."
  • On injuries and not knowing when guys will be able to play, "I think it's part of the game. Guys accept injuries and people out of the lineup. I don't think it's a distraction with people looking over their shoulders wondering if someone is going to come in. We have good players who are key pieces to the playoffs. The players now are confident with who we have dressed. We need depth though and if guys come back it will give us more strength for a run in the playoffs."
  • On the Nash trade and losing the middle of the lineup, "I think it was a good trade for both teams. We got Nash but to get a world class player, you won't get him for free, we thought we would fill in those wholes over time. At the deadline this year we had to give up another great player to fill a need on our team. Those kids have given us a lot more depth and more positions. Brassard is a playmaker. Clowe is a heavy winger on the boards with good touch around the net. The biggest surprise is Moore. He is a great kid, great athlete, great skater he moves the puck well. The Ranger fans are going to really love watching Dorsett play. He plays with a lot of bang for not that big of a guy. He is involved with everything on the ice and will be a welcome addition."
  • On Nash's playoff experience, "I think that you can look at the numbers and twist them, but he has played big hockey games for Hockey Canada. He is at the right age with a lot of experience at the NHL level. This is why he came to NY, this is why anyone comes to NY. It doesn't matter how many goals you score or what you do, it's about whether you win or not and I think he is ready to accept that challenge. He is a special player, but any special player needs a team to put them in a place to be successful. Our team realized that if we can play solid team oriented hockey and give Nash a chance to score a goal at the right time, he can do that. Any Ranger fan can see that he is an exceptional talent and a lot of fun to watch. We are really happy about what Nash has brought to the team.
  • On the feeling of whether this team can win it all, "I don't think when you play for the Rangers you can really fly under the radar. Certainly we have a target on our back. We knew we set the bar high for this year. It's one thing to get to the top, but it's another to stay there. Sometimes you need to take a step back to take a step forward. I think that with a healthy team we have a better chance than we did last year. I say that with all honesty and we will see how it translates onto the ice.
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Mark Messier was recently honored and awarded the Order of Hockey in Canada for the contributions he has made to the game in his career.

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, a big hockey fan, paid tribute to Messier and the other honorees.

According to the AP, Messier broke down crying as he spoke of growing up in Canada the pride he had watching and playing for Team Canada.

Tags: Mark Messier, Rangers, Adam Rotter

Mark Messier has been selected as one of the nominees for the Hockey Order of Canada.

The award recognizes Canadian hockey players and their contributions to the game.

This is the second class of players who have been honored. Last year, Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe and Jean?Beliveau were honored.

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Messier elbows Modano and then Modano is dropped on the stretcher

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In a story that ran in the January 12, 2006 edition of the NY Daily News, the night Mark Messier's jersey was retired, John Dellapina writes about the impact that Mark Messier had on a former Rangers employee named Jason Devenney.

Devenney was the son of an MSG employee who worked part time at the Rangers training facility at Rye Playland and fell into a rough patch that had him involved with drugs, erratic behavior and bouncing checks and local places.

When the cops came to arrest Devenney for bouncing checks, Messier stepped in, asked why they were at the Rangers training facility and paid what was owed.The team was about about to fire Devenney before Messier said that they should try and help him instead of cut him loose.

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Messier and the Oilers lost 4-2 to Chicago.

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