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The Friday after Thanksgiving is always a laid-back day with very little excitement. This year, there is no excitement in the land of the Giants. They are officially out of the play off picture at 3-8 and are headed into NFL obscurity in a season where most teams are talking about how they can still grab a playoff spot.

The Giants will be practicing today in preparation for their trip to Jacksonville. They will head down to Florida tomorrow to play perhaps one of the NFL's most meaningless games of the year. FOX is only televising the game in the Jacksonville and New York markets, with former Giant David Diehl providing color commentary alongside a play-by-play man that I'm sure most Giant fans have never heard of, Justin Kutcher.

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For the New York Jets, 2013 wasn't pretty from a salary cap perspective. The team had over $20 million in dead money for just five players. But after some austerity measures in the first year under John Idzik's direction, the outlook for the team's cap outlook seems much improved. After just one season under Idzik, the team was able to eke out?a small amount of cap carryover from 2013 despite taking a $13 million dead money hit for Darrelle Revis.

As we enter 2014, the Jets enter the new league year with what is (for now) the lowest value of "dead money" in the entire league according to Kevin Seifert and ESPN's Roster Management System.

According to the RMS, the Jets have just $48,958 in dead money as of the start of this week. Compare that to the Panthers who have a $17 million dead money charge, mostly due to trading Jon Beason.

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With the Jets on the bye, we thought it would be a good time to look ahead at the Jets upcoming offseason and get an early look at what we can expect in terms of direction and plans. ?In the NFL, the salary cap drives those plans and there's no better person to talk to than Jason Fitzgerald from OverTheCap.com. ?Jason started tracking the Jets cap in 2008 and turned NYJetsCap.com into a respected portrayal of the Jets cap. ?Eventually Jason decided to cover the entire AFC East and then the entire NFL last year under the banner of Over The Cap.

We asked Jason some questions about how the team is faring under John Idzik and what lies ahead in this two part article. First up, how do we grade the 2013 offseason and how much space can the Jets expect to spend on free agents?

TJB: Since there's not much left to do when it comes to the Jets current cap year, how do you think new GM John Idzik did in navigating his first offseason?

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There's been a lot of speculation about the release of Kevin Kolb by the Cardinals that he will most likely end up in New York. ?Kansas City would be closed to him, as Reid already got his man in Alex Smith a few weeks ago, so the Jets do logically represent a smart fit. ?Kolb returns to the coordinator he knows in Marty Morhinweg and the Jets round out their roster with a backup who already knows the system. ?A potential win-win.

Garrard has been told he'll have a chance to challenge for a starting job, but that's a tough one to believe, he's taken two years to get healthy, and hasn't played in the NFL for far too long for a 35 year old to jump into a new system with the Jets. ?Tim Tebow won't be with the team at some point soon ... from what we hear the Jets are doing their best to trade him to get the cap relief a trade would offer ... but it is obviously not going so well. ?McElroy's status with the team seems up in the air, but he might have made it tough to get a serious shot after not disclosing his concussion during the Chargers game. ?Mark Sanchez might make a focused run to retain his job and he seems like the one with the inside track on the starting job ... but Kolb would represent the best challenge to Sanchez that the Jets might be able to hastily muster on the cheap for the 2013 season.

Kolb had Larry Fitzgerald, but he didn't have much else. ?Kolb's terrible run in Arizona was rife with issues due to a porous offensive line that couldn't protect him, a backfield that spends more time in the shop than the street and not much else. ?According to Football Outsiders, the line ranked 26th in 2011 and 27th in 2012 in pass protection. ?Not easy for any QB. ?The Jets have historically ranked better at pass protection, but took a huge statistical dip in their protection stats after the Chargers game in which McElroy should not have been playing after his concussion. ?Also, Mark Sanchez didn't do his line any favors by his sheer refusal to get rid of the ball quickly in the Sparano NOffense.

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From Cork Gaines of BusinessInsider.com:

Through seven weeks,?Peyton Manning?(79.4) has himself in a familiar position, ranked as the best quarterback in the?NFL?based on ESPN's Total QBR (scale of 0-100) which measures a player's all-around performance. He is followed closely by his brother, Eli Manning (76.9).

But more noteworthy is?Mark Sanchez?(35.5), who is ranked 32nd among 33 qualified quarterbacks. The only player with a worse Total QBR, is Brandon Weeden (20.3), the Browns' rookie quarterback.

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After a solid performance against the Colts last weekend, Mark Sanchez might feel a little respite from the heat he's faced over the previous two weeks, but but according to Sanchez, he's not affected by the intense scrutiny he's been under, via National Football Post.

Sanchez also insisted that he had blocked out all the speculation and talk that his starting job was in jeopardy with Tebow waiting in the wings and the Jets struggling coming into the game.

?It?s just part of the job,? Sanchez said. ?It was a victory for the team in general. As long as we?re winning, I?m happy. We just have to keep doing that and try to stay efficient. Block everything else out and just keep playing for the guys in the locker room.?For Sanchez, we're sure that the win feels best of all, but that it doesn't hurt to have the local and national media off his back for at least a week. ?Ray Lucas was insistent in the SNY Postgame show that the Jets quarterback is at his best when Shonn Greene and the running game can gain some yards on the ground. ?While New England has looked mortal this season, but one area in which they are playing extremely well is on defense against the run.

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FLORHAM PARK, N.J. ? The much awaited return of Dustin Keller appears to be nearing as the Jets tight end looks likely to make his second appearance of the season this Sunday against the Colts ? and no one is more relieved about this than Keller himself.

Keller, who hasn?t played since the Week 1 blowout win over the Bills, has been besieged by a hamstring injury that has sidelined him for the last four weeks. The injury marks the first time in Keller?s five years in the league that he has missed a game, snapping his regular season games played streak at 65 games.

On Friday, Keller took a significant step forward in being able to play again.

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Earlier this season there were some reports that Tebow might request a trade at the end of the year should he not get the opportunity to start.

Earlier Woody Johnson was on CNBC to talk politics, and the topic of his QBs came up, via the Star-Ledger.

"Will we keep Tebow? Absolutely," Johnson said. "He'll be with us for three years, and I think he's going to be a real valuable asset in terms of helping us win games."

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Here?s last night?s SportsNite package, includes practice footage as well as sound from Mark Sanchez.


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SNY Jets analyst Ray Lucas discusses Mark Sanchez's most recent game versus the Miami Dolphins in the latest installment of Ray's Rant.


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In case you missed it yesterday, Peter King had a section in his MMQB about Mark Sanchez and his sideline talk with Tony Sparano after his interception.

Sanchez looked disgusted with himself when Sparano found him.

"Listen son,'' Sparano said, "you didn't have to do that. You'd made six or seven positive plays in a row to get us there, and if you throw it away, it's third down and you keep the drive going. It doesn't have to be you winning the game by yourself. Cut your losses. Let your teammates help.''

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It was good for the Jets to open the season with a dominating win. The Bills, despite Sunday's 48-28 loss, are a good measuring stick for where the Jets stand as they are just in the very start of their hunt for a postseason bid.

Here's some of what?occurred?to us in the aftermath of Week One:

1) ?Ground and pound ain't dead yet -- Don't despair at the notion that the Jets only gained 118 yards on 36 carries (a 3.3 YPC average) just yet. ?The Bills were selling out against the run much of the game and that left players like Stephen Hill in single coverage. ?Hill was able to get open in multiple ways, be it with his speed or physicality. ?Now starts the game of NFL cat-and-mouse. ?Teams will start to dial back the eight-in-the-box stuff and that will only help the Jets running game benefit from the softer defensive front they'll see.

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In case you missed it, ESPN's Mike & Mike had a number of Jets folks on their show this morning. ?Here's the links to the interviews.

[sny-box]Rex Ryan: Talks about Sanchez and Tebow, many of the rest of his offensive skill players and much more. - Listen

Mike Tannenbaum:?Tebow/Sanchez, the Jets troubles in the preseason, replacement refs, facing the Bills. -?Listen

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[brightcove vid=1811329675001&exp3=651974715001&surl=http://c.brightcove.com/services&pubid=260701700001&pk=AQ~~,AAAAPLMIP6E~,BRrRHTAljlF40NofMDxsColEK-8KEsxy&w=486&h=412]

Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow talk about the Jets offense improving all summer and getting ready for the regular season

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Peter King is making his training camp run, and has some thoughts about the Jets offense this season. ?While he touches a number of topics, King shares his impressions of his conversation with Mark Sanchez regarding Tim Tebow and how he feels about the backup soaking up some first team snaps in game situations. ?Sanchez told King he implicitly trusts Tony Sparano to know when to utilize whom, and then King gives his impressions of the situation.

In other words, the Jets are going to put Tebow in the game, on offense and on special teams, regularly. They've been careful not to ruffle Sanchez's feelings about it, apparently even letting him know what the plan is, and Sanchez, who has a very good relationship with the new offensive coordinator, feels Sparano's not going to trample on him to make Tebow a part of the offense. It's a tight rope walk, and who knows what Sanchez really is feeling if part of the plan is subbing Tebow for Sanchez when the Jets get inside the opponents' 5-yard line, for instance.


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Kristine Reese is a guest columnist for TJB, taking on some of the toughest topics about the New York Jets. ?Find more of her work at the female based sports networ,?Aerys Sports, and as an integral part of the nascent?Flight 5 team. ?Follow Kristine on Twitter @KristineReese.

There is never a dull moment in Jets land, and the last six months have served as a constant reminder.?After a 2011 season filled with great expectations ended in a downward spiral and an equally - if not more - dramatic?off-season dominated headlines, there is little doubt all eyes will be on the New York Jets in 2012.?And while Mark Sanchez, Tim Tebow and Rex Ryan will all dominate the majority of the conversation, there is another name that also deserves just as much consideration: General Manager Mike Tannenbaum.

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This past Thursday marked the first day OTA's were open to the media and while there were many things to discuss, the thing I want to focus on is the "quarterback controversy" that is Tebow vs. Sanchez.

Tebow was picked twice in practice, once by Bart Scott then again by Yeremiah Bell on the next play, according to multiple sources. On the other hand, Sanchez had the play of the day with a 75 yard touchdown to Stephen Hill and had a good overall day. At the end of practice, some were making excuses for Tebow saying that he's bad in practice and to wait until the games actually start.

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We're going to start welcoming some new writers into the fold here at TJB in the coming days. ?We're happy to present Daniel Kamali, who will be writing for us in the days and weeks ahead.

Just a scant few weeks go after long and weary week filled with Peyton to Jets rumors, Mike Tannenbaum held a conference call to announce the extension of Mark Sanchez. The Jets signed him to a three year extension worth a guaranteed $20.5 mill. It gave an apology to Mark Sanchez for going after Peyton and also provides cap relief for the 2012 season. ?But most importantly, for the first time ever the Jets are ready to be patient with something into which they invested so much.

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During the Holiday Season, even The Bad Guy finds himself in a forgiving mood. For instance, I?ve found it in my heart to absolve Victor Cruz of his childhood allegiance to the Dallas Cowboys. So I know that you?ll all forgive me for incorrectly projecting a Giant downfall on Saturday. It just so happens that Santa was not sleeping. He received my letter, mulled it over, and decided on a bigger and better present than I had asked for. Instead of a TE, he delivered a defense to help Eli Manning soar past the Jets and land in a Title Fight on Jan.1.

Last week, one particularly enthusiastic Giants fan (see: threatens to break things after losses) referred to Justin Tuck as ?Papa Defense.? I don?t like the title, mainly because the word ?Papa? immediately makes me think of a creepy guy in a red button down shirt selling me crappy pizza. But I agree with it.

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Even the Grinch loved Christmas when all was said and done. The Bad Guy is no different. But I fear that my letter to Santa might not reach his icy domain in time. Unlike the thousands of kids across the country who had their head on straight and got a jump on the wish list writing before Thanksgiving, I did not have a gift request until earlier this week. I wished for a TE and it looks like Santa is sleeping on the job.

With Ballard officially ruled out for this afternoon?s tilt against the Jets the Giants might be caught with their red velvet pants down around their black leather boots. Even if they do suit up, both Bear Pascoe and Travis Beckum are battling injuries that have been hampering them throughout the month. They were limited in practice today.

The Jets struggle against TE?s which makes the razor thin depth chart particularly frustrating. Ordinarily, the situation would not be ideal. Compound it with the fact Mario Manningham is likely a no-go today and the Giants officially can?t get out of their own way.

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TJ Rosenthal of The Jet Report goes inside the offensive numbers of the Jets and the Giants....

Here are some additional numbers and tendencies to keep an eye on this Saturday when the Jets take on the Giants in a much anticipated week 16 matchup.

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While it didn?t happen too much today, the following are a few terms that I?ve heard my fellow Jets fans (and myself) use to describe Mark Sanchez, usually following a pick-six or a bone-headed overthrown pass. These all-purpose words are used for nearly any football player (say, Nick Folk) when they do something that makes you want to throw the remote at the TV. However, sometimes these words don?t really fit.

Jerk ? With this term, the speaker assigns responsibility for the botched play primarily on Sanchez. Which is fine. But calling him a ?jerk,? or some other words that shouldn?t be posted on an SNY blog, implies that Sanchez had intent in his screw-up, which is total nonsense.

Moron (see also: ?idiot,? ?stupid,? or, if you?re Jewish, ?goyisha kopf?) ? These kinds of outburst, which are my go-to angry words, assign blame for Sanchez?s mistakes on his perceived lack of intelligence. If only he were a little bit smarter (or as smart as us, sitting on our couches watching the game), we?re saying, he would?ve seen how open Plaxico Burress was and thrown it to him, instead of into the arms of a defender. This word is typically used by those intellectual types who haven?t played a game in their life and think football is just a 3D version of chess.

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From Rich Cimini's blog:

Game officials seem to have it out for QB Mark Sanchez. He has been victimized by at least two illegal hits that resulted in fines -- the Broncos' Von Miller ($25,000) and the Ravens' Haloti Ngata ($15,000) -- but no flag was thrown in either case and there have been no roughing-the-passer penalties all season. Sanchez has drawn two personal-foul penalties (both by Jaguar defenders), but he was out of the pocket in both instances. If Tom Brady took a helmet to the chest, the way Sanchez did from Miller last week, you can bet there would've been a flag.
This isn't limited to Sanchez. In general, the Jets have been pretty unlucky with flags this season. It's interesting to see that sometimes even the league disagrees with how Jets games are being called.
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Let's face it: the Patriots are tough team to beat. But right now, the Jets need to win. This is a "statement" game if there ever was one. Faced with the possibility of a 3-game losing streak, winning this game win bring the Jets to 3-2 and quiet the growing murmurs of doubt about them around the league. How can they do that against the #1 overall offense in the league? Here are a couple of ways:

An Offensive Resurgence

I imagine this an obvious point by now but it's still one worth making. The Jets offensive line has been downright horrible in the past two weeks and the offense has suffered tremendously. Now, with the return of Mangold, it's time to get back on track. The Jets will need to work fast, rushing often against the Patriots and exploiting their woeful pass defense. Considering how many points the Patriots can score, if the Jets can't get a lot of points onto the scoreboard quickly, this will be a major disaster.

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It's easy to look at the mind-boggling 135 points the Patriots have scored so far this year and tremble in fear at the strength their offense. Their defense, on the other hand is laughable.

In the first four games, the Patriots have given up 1,910 yards, the most over that period of time since 1940, according to Pro Football Reference. New England ranks last among NFL teams across a number of categories, including:

  • Yard allowed per play (7.2)
  • Third-down conversion rate (48%)
  • Passing yards per game (368.8)
  • Yards per drive (45.95)
If the Jets offense is going to have a renaissance, this week is the time to do it. In the last few weeks, we've seen Mark Sanchez struggle when repeatedly put under pressure. He will likely not be seeing many rushers this week. The Patriots are not a team that blitzes often, and when they do, they are nearly always unsuccessful at stopping the pass. According to Rich Cimini, opposing quarterbacks are 20 for 32 when facing five or more Patriot rushers, have thrown for an average of 321 yards, and have a 93.4 passer rating. The Jets defense will likely stymie Tom Brady, but if Mark Sanchez and the Flyboys cannot repeatedly victimize the Patriots second-rate secondary, this is going to be a long game (and a very bad sign).
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Even with Mangold likely returning, there's still a great deal of worry about the Jets passing game against the Patriots. On Thursday, during practice, Rex Ryan had Mark Sanchez and the Jets offense running plays against a timed buzzer in order to increase the tempo of their routes, an old Bill Parcells trick, according to Erik Manassy of Jets Twit.

I think these kinds of excersizes--forcing Sanchez to increase the speed of his decision-making and better track of time while pushing the receivers to get open faster--can only help the offense improve. Hopefully it'll be enough for the Patriots.

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This is my first game as a weekend editor, so I?m testing things out. While watching the game, I?ve recorded my thoughts, which you?ll find below. Since this is preseason, I?m more than open to criticism. If you?ve enjoyed this, let me know, and if I?ve missed anything, speak up. Let?s go Jets!

The Jets won the coin flip but deferred, giving Cincinnati the ball to start things off. The Jets d-line dominated, and Bengals ran it twice and threw an incomplete pass before punting it to the Jets 43. Kerley caught the punt and blasted it 8 yards to the Bengals 49.

When the Jets got the ball, Sanchez?s confidence was still a little low, as it tends to be early in games. He hit Burress for a nice gain on his first passing attempt, but his second one, again to Burress, was into tight coverage. Then, his timing was incredibly out of sync with Keller on 3rd sending him to the sidelines visibly upset. Fortunately, his defense stepped up on the first play of the Bengals? drive. Eric Smith picked off Andy Dalton?s pass, and make a very effective case for his starting at safety. Thinking quickly, he tossed the ball to Revis, a much more nimble and evasive player, who stretched the pick another 22 yards. Starting at the Bengals 16, Sanchez was back in it. He threw a quick TD pass to Holmes, and, thanks to his defense, he was soaring.

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The development of Sanchez over his first two seasons has been slow but steady. During both seasons, we've seen an inexperienced young quarterback overcome earlier issues and lead his team deep into the postseason. Will he continue to improve in Year 3? SNYWhyGuys tries to find out.

Sanchez's first year was a bit rough and left a lot of room for development. In trying to tie a number to how much better Sanchez got between his first and second season, Mike Salfino of SNYWhyGuys looked at the ratio of TDs to INTS among quarterbacks since 1980 who, like Mark, threw more than 15 INTs and less than 15 TDs in their rookie seasons.

According to Mike's calculations, Sanchez's ratio was 0.60 in 2009 and 1.31 in 2010, a very typical improvement. If Mark continues to go the way he's going (which, obviously, is not guaranteed), then Mike predicts about 20 TD passes and 13 INTs in 2011.

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It's 43 Years and Counting Now For Giants' Jawing Co-Tenants

Sooner or later in the young regime of head coach Rex Ryan and quarterback Mark Sanchez, the New York Jets might realize how to put together more than one good half of football in an AFC title game.

And, they might even discover how to reach that game without having to do it the hard way.

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Erik Manassy is a weekly contributor to TJB, and founder of Jets Twit, a site dedicated to Social Media and the New York Jets. ?Friend Erik up on Twitter (@e_man) and Bassett (@thejetsblog).
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