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Brooks has worked out twice for both the Knicks and the Bucks. He said he hurt his ankle in his initial workout with New York but was able to overcome the injury through a total of 11 workouts."They're very interested," Brooks said of the Knicks. "I think it's their style of play, sort of similar to what I played at Providence. So they feel like I'd be a good fit. We'll see. The countdown begins."

Brooks was asked about any comparisons of his game to that of Burks and Thompson, who are considered serious candidates to be selected by the Bucks.

I had heard that Brooks didn't work out well for the Knicks and it appears that ankle injury may just by why. I'm not sure he's the right fit in terms of this roster based on the fact that he'll need the ball to be effective. His scoring talents are undeniable.
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Brooks impressed the heck out of Len Elmore at the combine. He's a fan of his length and athleticism. He can score and is a gifted player who can get into seams and make shots.

But from all accounts and people that I've talked to says be aware of the fact that Brooks does not use his athleticism on the defensive end. He's offensively ready to contribute right away, but what if he's not the go to guy? What if he has to learn how to play off of Melo and Stoudemire? Is he equipped? Good question.

My feeling is that he isn't the fit at 17 based on his lack of attention to detail defensively, and the fact that I'm not sold he can be effective in a rotation where he's not the go-to guy. That said, there's no reason that he can't work his way in and come in and help at the 2 guard, which is a need. He's an incredibly skilled offensive player, I am just assuming that there will be better fits at 17 come draft night.

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