martin broduer

If the New Jersey Devils score five goals a night, they are going to win a lot of hockey games. ?That's likely not going to be the case for the remainder of the 2013-14 season. ?Three goals a night is realistic and ideal for this team to be successful. ?While everyone may have been blinded by the offensive production last night, three aspects may have been overlooked that have been just as key over the last few games.

The first is backchecking. ?If you were at The Rock last night, you can see the whole ice and watch the entire play develop. ?I've never seen the Devils forwards hustle back on defense more than I did last night. ?Can you even recall an odd-man rush for Nashville last night? ?I can't. ?There were several times last night where Devils forwards caught up to Predator players and stole the puck in the neutral zone. ?I'm not sure if we will see it like that night every night, but that is one of the assets of this team with a few veterans out. ?Guys like Jacob Josefson and Mattias Tedenby need to take every stride like its their last. ?They've skated like their hockey lives have depended on it and it's helped this team win games.

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