Marty Morhinweg

There's been a lot of speculation about the release of Kevin Kolb by the Cardinals that he will most likely end up in New York. ?Kansas City would be closed to him, as Reid already got his man in Alex Smith a few weeks ago, so the Jets do logically represent a smart fit. ?Kolb returns to the coordinator he knows in Marty Morhinweg and the Jets round out their roster with a backup who already knows the system. ?A potential win-win.

Garrard has been told he'll have a chance to challenge for a starting job, but that's a tough one to believe, he's taken two years to get healthy, and hasn't played in the NFL for far too long for a 35 year old to jump into a new system with the Jets. ?Tim Tebow won't be with the team at some point soon ... from what we hear the Jets are doing their best to trade him to get the cap relief a trade would offer ... but it is obviously not going so well. ?McElroy's status with the team seems up in the air, but he might have made it tough to get a serious shot after not disclosing his concussion during the Chargers game. ?Mark Sanchez might make a focused run to retain his job and he seems like the one with the inside track on the starting job ... but Kolb would represent the best challenge to Sanchez that the Jets might be able to hastily muster on the cheap for the 2013 season.

Kolb had Larry Fitzgerald, but he didn't have much else. ?Kolb's terrible run in Arizona was rife with issues due to a porous offensive line that couldn't protect him, a backfield that spends more time in the shop than the street and not much else. ?According to Football Outsiders, the line ranked 26th in 2011 and 27th in 2012 in pass protection. ?Not easy for any QB. ?The Jets have historically ranked better at pass protection, but took a huge statistical dip in their protection stats after the Chargers game in which McElroy should not have been playing after his concussion. ?Also, Mark Sanchez didn't do his line any favors by his sheer refusal to get rid of the ball quickly in the Sparano NOffense.

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