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6/24/15 | 2:35PM: There is believed to be at least "preliminary mutual interest" between the Penguins and Marty. (NY Post)

11:07AM: Talks between the Rangers and St. Louis have been "limited" and that due to his age, playoff production and the Rangers cap squeeze, he may not be back. (ESPN Insider)

Alain Vigneault said that St. Louis sets a great example for his teammates and is a great player to coach but isn't sure how things will shake out. (ESPN Insider)

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6/18/15 |8:40PM: Dreger said on NHL Live, "He still has hockey left in him. Some believe that he is done with the Rangers and I think that it?s unlikely that he comes back to Manhattan and re-signs with the Rangers but the door isn?t entirely closed. It?s closed if he is looking for a big number. If Marty is willing to play for cheap and I don?t know that he is, then I am sure the Rangers would at least consider it, a lot of teams would."(KK)

He added, "He doesn?t know what his plan is or what interest is out there. He is training as if he is going to play if their is a suitor and a fit that works for his family. " (KK)

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6/15/15 | 11:08AM: Elliotte Friedman said on Sportsnet960, "I will reach out to him this week and see. WHen he got traded from Tampa he made it clear he wanted New York and only New York. If they aren't interested and I believe that the story that came out yesterday is true, saying that they will move on for cap reasons unless Marty is willing to take a low number, he will have to make a choice if there is anywhere else."? (Sportsnet 960)

6/13/15 | 7:39PM: Larry Brooks writes that it can be "pretty much etched in stone" that if Marty St. Louis decides to keep playing it won be with the Rangers. (NY Post)

Brooks says that both sides are prepared to move on from each other.

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6/12/15 | 6:43AM: Alain Vigneault said that the Rangers will make a decision on St. Louis but want to know his intentions for next season. He said that the Rangers are giving him time to "properly evaluate" his decision. (985 Sports)

6/2/15 | 5:25PM: Alain Vigneault said on ESPN Radio:

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5/31/15 | 12:52PM: Elliotte Friedman says that the Rangers are tight with the salary cap and can't get "sentimental" in this cap system. He wonders if the Rangers can even bring St. Louis back at a reduced rate. (Sportsnet)

He wonders if the Devils would take a run at St. Louis due to their proximity to Manhattan. (Sportsnet)

5/30/15 | 12:24PM: Marty St. Louis said that he looks at Jaromir Jagr and Teemu Selanne playing into their 40s and wonders "if they can do it, why can't I?" (NY Times)

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Marty St. Louis said that there is "no doubt" that he wants to play next season and that he wants to finish his career with the Rangers. (NY Post)

St. Louis said that he targeted being a Ranger for a long time and had hoped he would be able to finish his career with the Rangers. (NY Post)

  • For all updates on St. Louis' future, click HERE.
There have been no substantive talks during the season and both sides decided to push negotiations until after the season. (NY Post)

Marty said that he is trying not to think about his situation right now and instead trying to focus on going for the Stanley Cup again. He said that if he plays hard things will work out and that he isn't looking at anything that isn't "right in front of me." (NY Post)

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3/26/15 | 4:56PM: There have been no talks with the Rangers yet and part of the reason is because the salary cap for next year has not been set. (TVA)

Marty says that physically he can still play and that he hasn't lost a step. (TVA)

3/22/15 | 9:20AM: It's expected that Marty St. Louis will re-sign with the Rangers "at some point." (Ottawa Sun)

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2/10/15 | 5:11PM:? St. Louis said that contract talks usually work themselves out and that he is only focused on his game. (ESPN)

12:11PM: St. Louis was asked if he was retiring after the season and he said, "not that I know of." (Johnston)

1/31/15 | 8:04PM: The Rangers and St. Louis have not made any progress towards an extension. (NY Post)

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On TSN1050 on Thursday, Ray Ferraro spoke about the Rangers and who they have handled their contract situations (TSN1050).

Ferraro said, "what is really clear there is that they have chosen to pay the top end of their roster significant amounts of money. Their defense and their goalie, Girardi, McDonagh, Staal, Klein is signed through 2018, Lundqvist for a long-time, Nash is on the books. They will come to this year and have to decide do you want Marty St. Louis or do you want Mats Zuccarello? That may seem simple, Marty St. Louis, but he is 40. I don't think they can sign them both. Now they have JT Miller and Kevin Hayes and Jesper Fast and Stempniak on a one-year deal, the bottom part of your roster has to be cheap and young to balance out the contracts at the other end of it."

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9/11/14 | 6:39PM: Marty St. Louis was a guest on TSN 1040 Vancouver yesterday as well as TSN1260 Edmonton:

TSN 1040:
  • ?"when you are young you dream about the NHL and once you get there you start to understand what is possible and to set your goals high. For me it was a progression. I set goals every year and they get higher and higher and I have been happy I have been able to maintain the level I have been at. I just wanted to play in the league. I had a chance to win a cup, a scoring title and these aren't things that you dream about, you dream about getting a jersey and just playing in the league."
  • Are you used to being a Ranger, "for sure, I think it sounds good. I had great years in Tampa and I am exciting to start something new, last year was fun and a great playoff run. We fell a little short but I am looking forward to my first training camp in New York and then the exhibition games and the season started. It's great being in a market like New York and I am excited.
  • Does the Cup still hurt, "For sure, it was disappointing at the time but I look back and we came so close and I am proud of how we did things and how far we got. It was a five game series in the playoffs but the overtime games, two in double OT, it could have gone either way and we didn't get the bounce that we needed. LA was a really good team and deserved it."
  • On Alain Vigneault, "AV is great. He is composed and lets the guys handle the room, he brings structure but not like crazy overly structure. Structure that we can manage as players and he is a calm guy. I'm looking forward to a few more years with him, no doubt."
  • On John Tortorella, "it was great. He was tough but we grew up together there, the core guys there and Torts, the year before the Cup we lost to Jersey who won the Cup and for me, Torts is the first coach that gave me a top-six role. He told me when he took over that he was going to give me a chance and he helped shape me in the player that I am today and I am thankful. He was very demanding and for us it pushed us, there was not much downtime. I know he hasn't had as much success as of late, for me, I really enjoyed my experience."
  • Do you think about the last year of your contract, "for sure, I am going into my last year and we will see what happens. It's been a fun ride and I look for a few more years."
  • Do you still see yourself as a Ranger after this year, "For sure, I see myself playing a few more years so we will see what happened and I see myself as a Ranger for a while.
  • "I enjoy the game, my kids really like daddy to be playing. If it was up to my kids I think I would be playing until my 50s, I don't think they like when we talk about retirement. I will try to play for a few more years and bring some excitement to them and to those watching."
  • On going back to Tampa, "I am excited about it. I don't know what kind of night it will be. I know people are upset and have a right to be. Time heals things and hopefully 11/26 will heal things."
  • Any regrets, "no. Tampa was a great 14 years. My kids grew up there, but it was time to try something else and going to the Stanley Cup Final, it's hard to regret that. I am thankful to the 14 years that I got but am thankful for a new beginning.
TSN 1260:
  • Do you love toothpaste, "when they approached me, it's an issue that I deal with. It's a new product that helps protect against tooth sensitivity and I am not talking about sticks and pucks in the mouth. It's when you bite into ice cream, drink hot coffee, god knows how many trips I make to the ice cream store with my three boys. It's a product that I can use daily and it's awesome. They wanted my wife as well and it was neat and they didn't know but my wife has the best teeth ever and I was in the background.
  • How many teeth have you lost, "I have lost three but all at once. It was in the playoffs 3-4 years ago. We beat Pittsburgh, we were down 3-1 in the first round and beat them and I took a stick from Matt Niskanen and three of my top teeth fell out at once."
  • Is sitting in the dentist chair the worst part about being a hockey player, "yea, for sure, that tooth paste keeps me out of the dentist and you can get it at shopper drug mart."
  • Do you still get excited this time of year, "for sure, you don't play this long unless you are excited about it. The only way that you improve is if you are still happy doing it and at my age I still try to get better and on-ice and off-ice so I can prepare myself to have the best year ever and I do that whether I was 28 or 35 or now 39, I try to keep pushing."
  • On overcoming obstacles, "you know, I used to get frustrated. As a youth player I was cut from teams because of my size but at 39 I don't get frustrated with the situation I am in. The experience I have acquired, there isn't one I haven't been in, I was undrafted, I played games in the minors, I was a call up, I played 3-4 line, I was scratched, have had injuries, been an All-Star led the league in scoring. There aren't many situations I haven't been in. If it's a guy on the top two lines struggling or the bottom two lines or a kid being called up, guy being out with an injury. I can relate because of my experience. The experience I have helped me develop leadership qualities and helping push young players through tough times."
  • On Advanced Stats, "As a player I don't think we care about it too much. I think it helps people make decisions. I am just looking forward to having a mic in my helmet where a guy can tell me that a guy is on me and to tell me to go to my right instead of my left. I think if that happens I can play into my 50s."
  • On his reputation, "You always care what people think but at the end of the day I know what kind of person I am and the people who care about me know what kind of person that I am. I had 14 great years in Tampa, I am really happy to be in NY. I was looking at the schedule. I will see my kids play hockey more, I will be around them more. I finally get to play in a big market place. It's an experience that I know I will be happy about when I retire. My years in Tampa were some of the best in my life and I have a lot of respect about how the organization handled everything. I think Tampa is in a good position and unfortunately for me, it was time to experience something else. I know people will question and judge but this decision was based on what is best for me and my family and I think that I have done a lot and earned that right and I am looking forward to my time in New York."
  • Is Henrik Lundqvist as "good looking and sexy" in person as he comes across on TV, "I definitely feel under dressed every time that I am around him. I don't know how big his closet is, but it must be 10 times the size of mine."
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Marty St. Louis joined TSN Radio 690 in Montreal today:

  • How did this run with the Rangers measure up, "Everything but the trophy at the end. We had some tough series early on, some game seven and we were able to finish Montreal in six and move on to LA. That LA series didn't feel like a five game series, it felt like a seven game series with the OT games. Not to take anything away from LA, they played really well but two double OT games, the bounce of the puck can go either way. It was a little disappointing that way but coming from Tampa to NY, I was envisioning nothing but that, Stanley Cup Final. It was exciting to have that opportunity to battle for the Cup and I am looking forward to getting my first training camp in New York underway and trying to get after the big trophy again."
  • Who has the bad breath of the NHL, (Host) "it's the Bruins isn't it or the Leafs, (Marty), "I guess if you compare it like that, the Bruins are tough, no doubt about that."
  • Who wants Lucic breathing all over you/lining up for a faceoff, "I am glad that I play wing" (Laughs)
  • On Alain Vigneault, "Everybody has their own personality or identity. AV was great, very laid back but on the point, organized and structured. He allows his guys to run the room and at the same time have a pulse on what we are doing. He was a lot of fun to work with and I am looking forward to a few more years with him."
  • On losing Brad Richards, "it's tough to see a great friend like that go but I am happy that he is going somewhere where he gets a chance to win a Cup again. Chicago is always in the mix. I was disappointed to see him leave but I was happy he found a good home."
  • Who have you been working out with and at 39 do you change your plan, "No, I do the same thing. I have been with my trainer Ben Prentiss in CT about 9-10 years and I have a lot of faith in what he does and how he prepares me. I always show up to camp in good shape, it hasn't changed much but this year with the short attempt of time we might have to fast track the process a bit. I feel really good about where I am right now."
  • The one player on MTL who the Rangers focused on the most, "for us, it's not letting PK wind it up because when he does he is tougher to defend. Get on him early so he has to move the puck and I think we were pretty successful with that."
  • Good luck but don't beat the Habs and go to the SCF again, "Once we are in there it's every bodies game....I grew up a Habs fan but I want to win that Cup again. I am sorry if I have to do it again."
  • Could you see yourself in Montreal, "When I was a kid for sure, that was a dream of mine. When I was growing up I was a Mats Naslund fan. You don't get picky when you get a chance to go to the NHL, you are blessed with the opportunity that you are getting and I have played for some good organizations, Tampa and New York now."
  • Would you play a final year in MTL, "well, I am running out of years..."
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Marty St. Louis joined TSN 1050 Radio at 7:30AM this morning:

  • Pierre McGuire says that you need to buy coffee at the rink when their kids play, "He doesn't hide because my wife spotted him. She says that he sees the guy on TV and I ask, is he bald, 'yes,' that is him."
  • How do you get to be how you are, "I think that it starts, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. I was brought up in a strict but loving environment. My mom and dad were both workers and you had to fight for every opportunity in my career. I have had some disappointment in youth hockey, being cut for size. Those build you along the way and shape you. I love the game and still do and always try to get better and keep pushing. My dad told me that I would get what I put in, school or sports, and I am reaping the benefits of the hard work."
  • On being a spokesman for Crest, "Actually, it's me and my wife. I have done these things before and it's the first time that my wife is doing them with me. She has the most beautiful teeth and was a star right away...I was the backup. It's a new toothpaste that helps beat tooth sensitivity. This is something that I will keep in my bag and you can get it at shoppers drug mart. I am excited about doing it. I hit the ice cream shop quite a bit with my boys so this will help me."
  • Will the Rangers have the best teeth in the league, "I don't know if the players do, but some of the wives."
  • On being shocked about the Rangers last year, "when the playoffs start you put all the teams on paper and I don't want to sell our team short but there were a lot of good teams. It's not the best team that wins bu the team that plays the best and that is what we did. We came together and the thing that was very obvious to me when I got to NY in march,? they played playoff hockey, when I got there, this team doesn't' have to turn the switch. They are blocking shots, backchecking. The attention to detail, it was so playoff like and we were a month and a half away so we didn't have to turn the switch. We kept playing our game and they were good at that and I joined in there and we were even better in the playoffs and we got past Philly in game seven, no disrespect to Phillly, I never felt we weren't going to win that series. Against Pittsburgh, we were battle tested early on and built a lot of confidence. We never felt we were out of it. Montreal and LA, disappointing finish but 3 playoff games, two in double OT. A couple of shots....this was not a five game series, it felt more like a seven game series. We didn't get the bounces at the right time. No disrespect to LA, they ware a great team and a fun experience. I have been on both sides and have won the Cup and see the other team get off the ice and now I was that team. It builds you as a team and player and you understand the situation you are put in and prepares you even better for what is ahead."
  • Do the Rangers have a target, "with success comes responsibility. Every building that you go in, they try to beat the East Champs. I have had that experience before. Players that you play against get up for those games. The staff prepares their team for those games. We understand that."
  • On the short summer and getting back to the Final, "with the training now and the intention of your diet, it's such at the forefront that I think it almost helps. You are so prepped, I have a trainer now in CT for 9 years, I used to have to stress about what I would do each day, I just played till June and how much time should I take. 9 years ago I took that stress out. It's his job to get me prepared and I need to prepare myself. Every player in the league has that now. Whether it's 4 months, 3 months, you put your time in and get the result that you want. Everyone comes so prepared."
  • So less ice cream, "I try, it's tough."
  • What flavor, "I'm a chocolate guy. Me and my wife in the hotel, and when I am in the hotel I need the room service."
  • On playing beyond this season, "I definitely want to play more than one year, I think everyone has had the summer, they had a lot of other agenda this summer. Some free agent stuff that they had to sign. When camp starts I am sure that we will talk about it. They had a lot to do and I wasn't too worried about it."
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