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Season tickets are already on sale for the 2013 season at Citi Field, which you can learn more about here.

"No seats will be available for less money than in 2012," Howard Megdal writes in a report for Capital New York. "However," based on a year-by-year comparison, Megdal determines, "the prices of a significant number of tickets will go up more than seven percent, from the least expensive seat in Citi Field, Promenade Reserved, to a large number of the field level seats."

In Megdal's opinion, "The Mets appear to be relying on the promise of a chance to buy All-Star Game tickets as a spur to new attendance."

Megdal is right about milking the All Star Game, but every team that hosts it does this and it's totally understandable. I'm sure the Mets will see a slight boost, but the bigger boost will come from what happens in the 162 games that actually matter...

That said, I don't typically comment on ticket prices, because fans can vote on this issue with their wallets. If priced right in accordance with the on-field product, for the most part, most tickets will sell. If prices don't match up with the on-field product, they won't. It's basic supply and demand and the value of entertainment. If the Mets want to change ticket prices, for whatever reason they want to do it, that's fine. It's their building, they can do with it what they want. But, every action has a reaction, and time and money (not words on a blog) will determine if the team's decisions were right.

Frankly, I have less an issue with ticket prices and how they're sold and more of a problem with paying $4.50 for a bottle of water...

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