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Observant readers will notice that when I started posting this Top 41 Prospects series, I made it through Cory Mazzoni at #17 and Collin McHugh at #18 last night. Then, as I was tweaking my forthcoming writeups, I noticed something didn't look right about my ordinal ranking in the low teens. I consulted my Word file of record. Indeed, somehow, in messing with my formatting, Word's auto-formatting had restarted my list after the system's top two prospects (d'Arnaud and Wheeler), who are in their own category. It restarted at my #3 prospect at #1. So, yeah, whoops. Let this be a lesson, I thought I had learned before: proofread and then proofread again.

In terms of writeups and this list, no orders have changed, since I started writing these things in mid March. However, because I cannot count, I'm going to write 43 prospect capsules this year. So you, dear reader, win. I lose an hour or two of my life.

Also, since this list goes 43 deep this year, think of it as the R.A. Dickey Memorial. Back when I did my first Mets list, I decided I would go to 31 because 1. it was 1 player longer than Baseball America and 2. Mike Piazza's number. Piazza, as you know, is awesome. However, as I was putting it together, I found that I had things to say about more players, and expanded the list, setting on 41 players as a constant reminder of the Franchise - Tom Seaver. This year, we'll go to 43 and we'll use it to again appreciate R.A. Dickey.

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