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In the absence of Ike Davis, Sandy Alderson told WFAN today that his team will likely choose from the following options at first base:

  • Daniel Murphy at first base, playing Jordany Valdespin at second base...
  • Josh Satin at first base, while keeping Murphy at second base...
He said Lucas Duda is also an option at first base, but that is not likely to happen.

“We went about as long as we could," Alderson said about the decision to demote Davis. "In retrospect, he should have gone out earlier, he obviously has not improved substantially."

There is an argument to be made for both. It comes down to this, for me: If Murphy is a candidate to be traded, he should get some time at first base, a) because it adds value to his toolbox, and b) it lets us learn more about Valdespin on the infield. However, if Murphy is this team's future second baseman, he needs to stay there, and Satin needs to get the starts, so we can learn about his role going forward. In either case, there is no need big enough to warrant putting Duda at an infield position.


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