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Sandy Alderson likes his team and believes they should be .500, instead of 37-47, he told columnist Jon Heyman (, July 2).

"If you look at the run differential, we should be a .500 team," he said. "We're thinking we have the potential to be better than our record."

The Mets have scored 327 runs this season compared to the 331 scored agains them.

As is, the Mets are on pace to win around 74 games against for the third consecutive season.

So, in a rotisserie style fantasy league, the Mets would be above average. Great. This means nothing to me as a fan, though. Look, I understand what Run Differential indicates, but it doesn't take in to account when runs are scored.

Instead, I focus on how the Mets are 10-20 in one-run games. I focus on how they're on pace to strike out 1,373 times this season. And, I see them 10 games under .500, slowly and painfully circling down the drain toward oblivion... again.

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