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Sandy Alderson said his 2014 payroll will be more than last year's $87 million, which included buyouts for Jason Bay and Johan Santana (Carig).

“I know the perception,” Alderson told ESPN Radio last week, in regards to how fans may be skeptical of his ability to spend money this winter. “It’s sad that a level of loyalty to a fanbase is measured in dollar signs. No fan is probably ever going to be satisfied with what his or her team is spending on players. We’re gonna spend more money this year than we’ve spent in recent years. Last year we only spent about $5 million on free agents. So, this is going to be a new day. We have it to spend, but we have to spend it wisely.”

Last week on WFAN, Alderson said he’d be very surprised if there weren’t two or three new players in the Mets lineup next season.

“I understand people are anxious to see what we’re going to do and I’m anxious to see how everything develops,” he said. “Right now, it’s not a matter of not having a strategy. We understand what our priorities are, but we have to be able to take advantage for opportunities. right now/were trying to figure out what is realistically available.”

Alderson said he does not want to go into next season with too many internal candidates at starting positions.

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