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Sandy Alderson said the Mets don't see Ruben Tejada or Lucas Duda as part of the team's 'core,' the GM told WFAN's Mike Francesa today.

However, Alderson said he does consider Ike Davis to be part of the 'core,' despite demoting Davis to Triple-A on Sunday.

"I've never had shortstop in that 'core' column," Alderson said. However, he added, "Ike is the kind of player we would like to rely on for the future."

When asked if Duda was part of the team moving forward, Alderson paused, for a while, then said that he feels Duda is a “serviceable player who is making a contribution.”

This makes some sense to me. Ike's potential is evident, since we saw it in the second-half of last season. Also, remember, this front office values OBP and power. Tejada is still so young. We forget that he's just 23-years-old. He has time to evolve in to more than what he has recently displayed, which is akin to a utility player. It's understandable that Alderson feels he is still a question mark...

That said, Duda is on pace to hit close to 30 home runs in his second season with a .330 OBP. My bet is that, with better outfielders and more production on the infield, Alderson would be totally fine with Duda doing what Duda does. However, in this current setting, he must feel otherwise, or maybe was expecting more from his left fielder?

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