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Ike Davis was 2-for-5 with a double and a strike out on Wednesday night with Triple-A Las Vegas. He was hitless in three at bats on Tuesday.

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According to Newsday, Davis asked his dad, Ron, who pitched 11 seasons in the big leagues, to travel from their home in Arizona to throw him batting practice.

Yesterday on WFAN, Terry Collins acknowledged that Davis has mechanical flaws in his swing, though the hitch is not an issue, 'as long as it isn't too long.'

On the other hand, Backman told the New York Post that he and hitting coach George Greer will take the hitch out of Ike's swing.

"You will not see that anymore," Backman said. “You could see his hands weren’t in good position when his foot came down. ... Is it that easy a fix? I hope so. But generally, it’s not that easy.”

That said, Backman told WFAN earlier this week that 80 percent of what plagued Davis was likely "mental," and that coming to Vegas -- away from New York -- has been somewhat of a relief.

“If I try a new stance and that day go 0-4 with three pop-ups to the infield, it’s not like all of New York is going to kill [me],” Davis said.

I would love to know what he was thinking yesterday when he looked up to see the team's top beat reporters from ESPN New York, the Daily News, New York Times, Newsday and the New York Post, while stringers covered the real game back in Queens. I mean, there was even a photographer there from the Associated Press. Based on that quote, I'm sure he was totally thrilled... d'oh.

It is really amazing the level of help being brought in and the attention being paid to fixing Ike. I think it's great. He is such a big part to the puzzle. The Mets need power, and he has it. It's just... missing. And, knowing if it will ever return is likely a huge factor in how Sandy Alderson plans for the future.

The thing is, even if Davis returns to Queens and duplicates what he did in the second half of last season (leading all NL first baseman in home runs), then what? How does Alderson go in to next season trusting this will not happen again, considering it is the second year in a row that Ike was missing in action for the first few months of the season? Is this something he can live with, build around, even if Davis is capable of hitting 30 home runs (by the end of the year) in the big leagues?

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