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As I was writing some notes today, I felt a tremendous sense of... something a little hard to describe. Boredom isn't the right word - I enjoy looking at minor league box scores and thinking about them and the players in them. Frustration is closer.

By August, there isn't a single player in the system who can do anything on a given night to make me change my opinion of his performance or projection. That's true throughout the year, but it feels more pronounced by August because the previous five months of season have already happened. This is part of a larger point - there just are not a lot of players who can materially change my opinion about them in the season's final three weeks. Again, the preceding five months, for the full-season guys, are too valuable. For the short-season guys, years from the big leagues, a few AB, a few innings, and the results generated now, are just not that important. The "how," - tools, skills and projection - is more more important than the "what," - short season results.

Writing this is odd. I really believe the games matter. How minor league players play in games gives fans and front offices insight into whether they can become big leaguers, and what kind of big leaguers they could be.

I'll keep looking at the box scores, and keep writing recaps, but I got the feeling today that it should be better. What content - non-recap related - do you want to see around here the next few weeks?

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