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-- Hat tip to MetsBro and Vin Ciavatta.

It wouldn't surprise me if these prove to be the real deal, since MLB The Show (where these screenshots are from) has been accurate in depicting past year's All Star gear.

The hats follow the most notable element of the new batting practice caps: contrasting front panels. This spring, eight teams introduced a new BP cap with a contrasting front panel, so it doesn't shock me that the All Star Game caps would have one, too. I've heard initial reaction from some fans that they don't like the cap logo, but I suspect it would look a lot better in full detail on the actual product. The jerseys follow a similar template as previous years -- stylized league name across the chest with contrasting side panels (which are unnecessary) -- but at least it looks like ditched the contrasting collar from 2012.

Either way, these jerseys and hats are only used in the Home Run Derby and batting practice, so I can't bring myself to get too riled up either way. But if these are accurate, I'm satisfied with the way they look.

I think the jerseys are fine. I like the blue better than the orange, but they both play right into the Mets color scheme and brand. I'd prefer a solid cap as opposed to the multicolored. The hat makes the entire uniform look like one out of a Saturday softball league. But no matter what, All-Star Week at Citi Field is going to be fun.

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