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JJ Cooper ranked prospects in the Florida State League for Baseball America, assigning Wilmer Flores the #19 spot in the league.

His comment:

Flores knows how to stay inside the baseball, and he does a good job of driving the ball to the opposite field. He projects as a potential plus hitter with average power.

Though Flores always has shown offensive upside, his position remains in doubt. He's a 20 runner on the 20-80 scouting scale, and his heavy feet severely limit his range at third base. His hands are fine and he has a strong arm, but his lack of speed leaves first base as his only other option if he can't handle the hot corner.

So add Cooper to the list of analysts who do not think Flores can play second base.

Cooper was extremely high on the overall strength of the FSL Top 20 this year and even the top 40 or so prospects on the circuit. For example, in the chat, he fielded a question on RHP Rafael Montero.

Dan (Idaho Falls): Was a little surprised that Rafael Montero (NYM) wasn't included in the top-20 - what kept him off the list? Much thanks!J.J. Cooper: Depth of the league really is the only thing. Some see him as a reliever because of his size, but the stuff is very strong. Usually he was 91-93 with a solid slider and developing changeup. He has a maturity that goes beyond his still young age and he understands that the long-term goal of pitching in the big leagues is more important than the stats from any one outing in HiA, so he'll work on all three pitches even on a night where he doesn't have the feel for his changeup or slider.
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