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Yesterday on WFAN, Wally Backman told host Ed Randall he will be returning to the Mets in 2012, though he has yet to talk with the organization about where he will be working.

"You know, there was a long thought process, but I started at 17 years old with the Mets and I'm gonna stay with the Mets," Backman explained. "Not only did the Wilpons give me a second chance to get back in to baseball, but there is some unfinished business - so to speak - the organization is going in the right direction."

According to the Backman, the system has some very good pitching prospects and, though they're a little short 'up the middle,' "I think with the new regime we are heading in the right direction and I want to be a part of it and help them."

Last week, the New York Post said Backman had been considering whether to become Davey Johnson's third-base coach with the Nationals, according to a team source.


[avatar name="cerrone"]Matthew Cerrone: This is good news. I have no idea what Washington was offering or not offering. In either case, I'm thrilled to know Wally will back with the Mets (I assume in Triple-A Buffalo). He's a dynamic personality, he's appreciated here, and young players seem to speak highly of him and enjoy playing for him.

Yes, there are concerns (not just from people on the Mets, but among people with other organizations as well) about if his style is sustainable with big-league talent, as well as concerns about how he'd handle media. However, I've heard from people close to him (and from people he was worked with over the last few years) who say these concerns are totally overblown.

Nevertheless, I like the idea of him getting more experience, 'testing him,' and letting him work his way up the system, as the team's young players work their way up the system as well, just like Davey did with the Mets. Then, maybe when the time is right, in a few years, they can all get to the big leagues together, loyal to one another and ready to win... again, just like Davey.


To listen to Backman's interview with WFAN, during which he mostly talks about the 1986 season and playing for and working for the Mets, click here.

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