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Earlier this week, ESPN released it's Sunday Night Baseball schedule, which includes the Mets and Braves for Sunday, May 26.

May 26 is Banner Day at Citi Field, but the scheduled start time of the game has been moved to 8:05 pm.

In a post to Mets Police, Shannon Shark writes:

"I hate Sunday Night.  Banner Night is totally set-up for failure.  I’m picturing us standing on-line with the feeling that it’s not as good as it was in 2012.  Then comes apathy and the bad attendance number.  Then Banner Day will die."
The Mets re-introduced Banner Day as part of their 50th anniversary celebration last year. The team had not held a Banner Day celebration since 1996.

I used to love going to Banner Day as a child. I never participated, but my dad always made it a point to take me and sit down in the Field Level at Shea Stadium to watch everyone go by. I missed it last year because I had pneumonia, but I was hoping to go this year. However, if it's going to be on a Sunday night, that's going to be difficult for me.

I hope Banner Day lives on beyond 2013. But, like Shannon, I worry holding it on a Sunday Night can have a negative impact on it's future. The Mets should look to move the event to another day game instead. If that isn't possible, perhaps they can hold a second event later in the season to get a larger turnout (which I think would be cool regardless of the Sunday night game).

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