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Bartolo Colon was told last Thursday that his mom has breast cancer (ESPN, Apr. 8), yet he focused for seven innings of shutout baseball Tuesday night against the Braves.

"It's a situation where you're trying to be strong, but you cannot," Colon said (ESPN, Apr. 8). "My mom is my best friend, my confidant. I talk to her every day."

Colon faced 28 hitters Tuesday night, he walked none and threw a first-pitch strike 19 times.

“Talk about moving the ball around the strike zone, he was really, really good tonight,” Terry Collins said about Colon. “Pitched in, pitched out, pitched down, and pitched up. He really did a good job.”

I love watching him pitch, because that's what he does, he 'pitches,' in the best sense of the word. I enjoy watching him in the same way I loved watching Pedro Martinez, when he joined the Mets and had to re-invent himself a bit using lesser tools than he had in his prime. Colon is running a masters class on the mound for people wanting to learn how to set up a hitter to fail during an at bat. It's brilliant.

On the other hand, his at bats are hilarious. In what seemed like a minor miracle, he laid down a sacrifice bunt with two runners on in the seventh, which set up a much-needed, two-run rally. He looked terrible in other attempts. It is what it is. Yes, he's a major leaguer, he should know how to bunt, but he's also 40 years old, he's been in the league for 19 years, yet he entered this season with just 45 at bats over the last decade plus. I have probably swung a baseball bat more than he has in the last decade. He should work to get better, but I understand why this may be a challenge for him when facing guys throwing 90 mph, something you can't really work on in batting practice.

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