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Baseball America's Jim Callis answered a few Mets questions on Twitter yesterday and said:

Mets RHP prospect Rafeal Montero's ceiling is to be a No. 3 starting pitcher.

OF Brandon Nimmo and IF Wilmer Flores are part of the organization's future, 'how good remains to be seen.'

Zack Wheeler can be the ace of a pitching staff.

I love all the attention this organization is getting for their pitching prospects, but it's so loud it is actually starting to concern me.

First off, as most Mets fans, I don't deny that I'm probably a bit burned by Generation K and countless other highly-touted prospects who were held on to and held on to and held on to only to be total busts. However, I also know that most pitching prospects (regardless of hype) do not pan out.

I mean, just do the math (comparing minor leaguers to successful big leaguers). I want to believe Sandy Alderson and Company will get this right, and it certainly looks and feels like they will. But, lately I find myself wondering what happens if these guys don't work out as planned... then what?

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