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In a post to Mike Pagliarulo’s Dugout Central, Tom Swidorski asks, “If the Mets fail to make the playoffs in 2008, is regime change possible?”

As such, Swidorski lists Gerry Hunsicker, Brian Sabean, Terry Ryan and Brian Cashman as people who should be considered to replace Mets GM Omar Minaya, should he be fired at the end of this coming season – while also suggesting Ken Oberkfell, Wall Backman, John Stearns and Ron Gardenhire as potential replacements for Willie Randolph, should he suffer the same fate.

…ah, yes, there’s the stuff that will make pessimistic Mets fans foam at the mouth on a cold winter daygo get it, boysjust remember: the grass is always greener

seriously, though, while this is certainly worth thinking about, personally, i can’t see wasting a whole lot of energy on it - seeing as how this team has yet to even step on a field…one step at a time, you know what i mean…

…that said, as i have written a few times during this off-season, should the Mets stumble around this coming season, this topic will most certainly be addressed…as it should be…

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