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At his blog for the New York Post, Joel Sherman continues his Awards Wednesday series, by listing who he feels to be the current leaders, if the season ended today, in the race for Cy Young, MVP, and so on.

Two weeks ago, Sherman awarded Jose Reyes with the NL MVP.  Last week, he slipped Reyes down to third.  This week, he hops Reyes back up to first, ahead of Braves OF Chipper Jones and Rockies 1B Todd Helton.

In the NL Cy Young Vote, Sherman selects Jake Peavy, but writes, “Oliver Perez is knocking on the door suddenly.”

Lastly, after leaving him off the list the last few weeks, Sherman finally acknowledges Mets RHP Joe Smith in the race for NL Rookie of the Year, ranking his second to Astros OF Hunter Pence and aheas of Giants RHP Tim Lincecum.

…as i’ve said, i dig these posts by sherman, because i tend to get tunnel vision on this site, and only focus on the Mets, and joel quickly gives me an idea of who else is doing well and why

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