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- Brant Rustich told Mack's Mets that he is retiring.

My arm just cannot withstand the workload to pitch at this level. The more I throw, the more the nerves continue to flare in my arm causing pain, numbness and fatigue. My own understanding from years of experience with this injury, I felt it was time to move on in my life and retire from baseball.
The Mets paid Rustich $373,500 to sign as their second pick of the second round in the 2007 draft out of UCLA, but he was rarely healthy as a professional. He did not pitch in as many as 50 innings in any season as a professional, and missed all of 2011. Since he was drafted, Rustich was diagnosed with: a stress fracture, a small labrum tear in his shoulder, damaged to his ulner collateral ligament in his elbow, a second stress fracture, and thoracic outlet syndrome which resulted in a surgery to remove a piece of rib and muscle that was causing numbness in his arm.

I ranked Rustich as the #13 prospect in the system in February 2009, and at #29 in February 2010.

By the way, the Mets first 10 picks in 2007 were: Eddie Kunz, Nathan Vineyard, Scott Moviel, Rustich, Eric Niesen, Stephen Clyne, Richard Lucas, Zach Lutz, Guillaume Leduc, and Lucas Duda.

Duda, drafted in the 8th round, and Dillon Gee, in the 21st might save that class.


- Andy McCullough writes about Jenrry Mejia, and his surgically repaired elbow for Baseball America.

"Sometimes I feel tight. Sometimes I feel good. That's the situation."
Ironically, McCullough included a promising-sounding note about Rustich returning to the mound in February.
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