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According to Jon Heyman of CSB Sportsline, while there may be a bull market for OF BJ Upton, it is likely to be a down market for OF Nick Swisher, both of whom will likely be free agents this winter.

Swisher has recently struggled at the plate, which will hurt his value. However, Heyman also points out that Swisher's desired destination, the Los Angeles Dodgers, now have no room on the roster or payroll after adding Adrian Gonzalez and Carl Crawford by trade.

The early buzz is that the Yankees will let Swisher go to another team, but I'll believe that when I see it. That said, the Nationals, Phillies and Braves will be looking to acquire an outfielder this winter, as will the Mets, meaning more or less every team in the division will likely be connected to Swisher in some way, shape or form (as well as free-agents Michael Bourn and BJ Upton, among others). I know the Mets are all about developing from within, building a foundation, etc., and I’m all for it. I get it. But, as we've been hammering for a while now, the future of the outfield is not in the current farm system. I just don’t see Lucas Duda, Kirk Nieuwenhuis and Matt den Dekker joining forces to be a full-fledged, big-league group. Maybe one pans out, maybe one other is good for the bench, but the chances of all three rising up to dominate is very, very small. I’d like to think some sort of deal could eventually be made to acquire a young, promising outfielder from another team, but so many of that type player is being locked up long term (like Carlos Quentin) before being traded or set loose as a free agent. So, the answer needs to be some combination of free agency, a trade, a prospect and a lot of luck.

If reports and rumors are accurate, it seems the Mets have no intention of spending - say - $12 million or so a season for three or four years to get a guy like Swisher. His individual value can be debated. But, I just don't see how the Mets field a playoff-contending outfield next season without signing at least one free agent outfielder, be it a Swisher or Cody Ross, or even Delmon Young (who can probably be had on a one-year deal, with lots of risks, but interesting reward). I'd love to see it solved by trade, but I'm not sure they have the prospects to get two deals done. Nevertheless, I expect to see the Mets connected in rumor to D-Backs OF Justin Upton, as well as other players under contract.

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