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According to Ken Rosenthal from, “Mets officials remain divided on free-agent right-hander Kyle Lohse.”

Rosenthal adds, “The buzz among scouts on the East Coast of Florida is that the Cardinals are pursuing Lohse, but sources indicate that the team is not interested.”

the buzz among scouts on the East Coast…i love it

…if Orlando Hernandez will be on this team, than i just don’t see how the Mets can tie themselves up with a guaranteed contract for lohse…if, however, el duque is not on the team – and i have no idea how that would happen, short of him disintegrating, which does seem more and more possible every day – only then does a one-year deal for lohse start to make a whole lot of sense…

Speaking of Hernandez, according to the New York Post, he told reporters yesterday that a toe ligament and painful bunion on his right foot are keeping him from pitching batting practice or in a game.

…seriously, i am losing count of what ails this guy…first it’s a bunion, then it’s a dislocated toe, back to the bunion, plus a ligament, plus a root canal…i mean, how does he even get out of bed in the morning…i’m in pain just reading about it…

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