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According to ESPN’s Seth Everett, speaking on his radio show for ESPN 1050, the Mets would need to make two acquisitions to the starting rotation before seriously considering a deal that includes John Maine.

To listen live to Everett’s show, click here.

Updated at 5:50 pm:

In an on-air report for ESPN News, Peter Gammons said the Mets can, ‘and should,’ trade John Maine to the Brewers for OF Corey Hart, concluding, ‘it makes sense for both teams.’

Original Post at 12:11 pm:

According to Buster Olney of, “The Corey Hart-for-John Maine deal would come later, other dominos have to fall.  The Mets have to get some other pitchers in the fold first before considering that trade.”

the buzz from Indianapolis is consistent with what olney is saying… basically, any trade the Mets have talked about involves Mike Pelfrey or maine… but, in order to make such a move, the Mets need to acquire a starting pitcher, be it in a separate deal or through free agency

Speaking of outfielders…

The Rays and White Sox have discussed swapping OF Carlos Quentin and OF Carl Crawford, reports Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times.

However, manager Ozzie Guillen told Cowley ‘those talks are all but flat-lined.’

Quentin, 27, will earn the league minimum next year, he is eligible for arbitration the following three seasons, and is not eligible for free agency until after 2013.

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