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“The Mets are not considering releasing Oliver Perez,” writes Andy Martino of the Daily News, citing a high-ranking team official.

...ok, but, that is not like saying, 'They will NOT release him, ever.'... it says, right now, today, they're not considering it... in other words, they might eventually consider it, i would think...

In a post to his blog for ESPN New York, Adam Rubin asks:

“Are Mets officials keeping the struggling Perez around because he is a valued member of the 25-man roster, whom they are confident will have a pitching renaissance? Or are they loathe to releasing Perez, because he’s in the second season of a three-year, $36 million deal?”
…rubin does a good job explaining the concept of sunk costs… but, what has always bugged me about these situations is: is this the best-possible 25–man roster… that’s it… that’s all i really care about… i mean, it’s not my money, so who am i to say how the Mets should spend it… but, i do care about the team on the field, and when i see them carrying players who i know are not helping, and in some cases, like with ollie and Gary Matthews Jr., are actually hurting the team, i become very frustrated… so, yes, while money is at stack, so are better results, in that two other players could be occupying those jobs… it’s not just a sunk cost, it’s a sunk roster spot
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