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Update, 6:27 am:

Omar Minaya told reporters prior to last night’s game that he will continue to talk other clubs, when asked if he will be a buyer at the July 31 Trade Deadline.

“We’re gonna continue to talk to other clubs and see if there’s a fit and we’re gonna try to improve the team,” he said.  “Does that make us buyers?  Yes, we’re gonna continue to talk to clubs.”

Minaya would not comment on the rumored deal, below, about rejecting an offer for Halladay.

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Jon Heyman of believes the Mets rejected a deal from the Jays for RHP Roy Halladay, in return for OF Fernando Martinez, Bobby Parnell, Jon Niese and 17–year-old SS Ruben Tejada.

“The Mets responded with a resounding no,” according to Heyman.

…that is pretty steep… it is… that said, Johan Santana and Roy Halladay is just so damn tempting… i mean, think about that for a second… of course, it means nothing if the Mets can’t score… but, let’s assume this season is a wash, next season you’d have a reloaded offense, two aces in a pitcher’s park and K-Rod in the back of the pen, all while hanging on to Brad Holt and Jennry Mejia… like i said, temptingplus, i wonder if Alex Rios could have been put in there some how… hmmm…

…i initially said i could go either way on this… however, now that i think about it, i think i would have done it… regardless of a contract extension… i mean, being able to keep holt and mejia, and Wilmer Flores, among others, and pairing up the two best pitchers in the league is just too much to resist… not to mention, it would re-engage fans enough this season to save ratings and ticket sales, etc., while building hype for next year… oh well…

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