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On Wednesday's episode of NY Baseball Digest with Mike Silva, Frank Russo of The Deadball Era suggested a possible deal between the Mets and Yankees involving Carlos Beltran, Robinson Cano and Ian Kennedy.

Steve Lombardi posted the rumor on and analyzed the deal.

In turn, Rob Neyer linked to Lombardi's post on his blog at and weighed in on it.

Russo did cite a source in saying Beltran could be available, but the potential deal with the Yankees was speculation. In fact, Russo was careful to temper any rumors of a Beltran trade, saying:

“Carlos Beltran apparently is on the block. I don't want to say that he is on the block, but let's put it this way: They are accepting, I don't want to say offers, but they're accepting inquiries… Omar is accepting inquiries about Beltran. He will deny it, and that's fine, but my mole told me that he has spoken to several scouts, some people within other organizations, and they all told him that Beltran would probably be the one to be moved if any of the core was to be moved. And I don't want to include Delgado in that core...

“Now, this is an interesting trade I heard: A Yankee trade between the Yankees and the Mets, think about this. Robbie Cano, another member of the bullpen -- either Veres and/or Bruney, Kennedy and possibly another one of the prospects from Scranton-Wilkes Barre or below, to the Mets for Carlos Beltran.”

Silva, Russo, Lombardi and Neyer all do exceptional work, and this is the perfect example of how speculation can innocently become internet rumor.

Russo essentially reported only that his source spoke to people that said the Mets are more likely to trade Beltran than David Wright or Jose Reyes and from that speculated about a possible deal for Cano. In only two steps, it reached as "a juicy rumor."

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