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In case you missed it, last night, Jon Heyman of said Mets GM Omar Minaya rejected a deal from Blue Jays GM JP Riccardi for RHP Roy Halladay, in return for OF Fernando Martinez, Bobby Parnell, Jon Niese and 17–year-old SS Ruben Tejada.

However, today, in a post to Twitter, ESPN’s Keith Law says the trade rumor is ‘bogus,’ having been ‘shot down by multiple sources.’

Similarly, I talked with a baseball person in Philadelphia, an agent, and two people connected to the Mets, and all four believe Minaya would have accepted such a deal had it been actually presented to him, i.e., maybe the Jays and Mets talked, but no hard offer was made.

I mean, I know I would have done it; and, according to a recent poll, 75 percent of people who read would have done the deal as well.

What’s more, in the Daily News, Adam Rubin writes, “Ricciardi ought to be fired on the spot for proposing it.  And Minaya ought to be fired for rejecting it.”

Yet, the report is out there…

The thing is, I believe Heyman is great at what he does, he’s not senationalistic, and he’s trusted and respected all across the sport.

So, I’m left confused, wondering what this all means…

I wonder if Riccardi leaked this to spook the Phillies, who some baseball insiders feel are the only legitimate suitor for Halladay?

I mean, how better to milk the Phillies for top prospects than for Riccardi to make it seem like the Mets could get Halladay at any moment?

On the other hand, if Halladay-to-Philadelphia is inevitable, how better for Minaya and Riccardi to get the Phillies to overpay then to make it seem like the Mets could easily be involved?

Or, maybe the Mets are trying to raise the value of their own prospects by suggesting Niese, Parnell and Martinez are worth more than Halladay? 

Or, perhaps Minaya did reject it, just like Heyman said, and, instead, is still working with Riccardi on something more expansive, which could be why he would not confirm or deny the report when asked about it yesterday?

Who knows?  The point is, nothing is ever as simple as it seems…

In any case, we’ll find out at some point in the next 10 days, at which point it will be a lot more easier to judge this.

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