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the word from Nashville, from a few different corners, suggests that the Twins are once again contacting teams, other than the Yankees and Red Sox, to discuss offers for Johan Santana

…it is sounding to me like a trade with either boston or the bronx may have been close, and ready to be announced tonight, but now it temporarily is off the table…

…additionally, from what i can gather, santana would rather play for the Red Sox, followed by the Mets, then the Yankees, but, still, the Mets may lack the necessary talent to pull off a deal…that being said, if the Twins are moving beyond the Red Sox and Yankees, who knows, maybe the Mets can find a way to squeak back in to this

Interestingly, according to Amy Nelson from, Santana’s agent, Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Mets GM Omar Minaya were all on the same flight from New York to Nashville today.

Update10:47 pm

According to Pete Abraham from the Journal News, the Yankees and Twins are meeting tonight.

Abraham writes, “It could be a long night. I’ll keep you posted once something happens.”

Update11:20 pm

The Yankees are once again ‘making noise’ that they might pull out of talks regarding Santana, writes Jayson Stark at

Appearing on ESPN’s Winter Meetings Special,’s Buster Olney made a similar statement to Stark’s.

based on what i initially wrote in this post, coupled with stark’s report, among other new insight, i am getting the sense that the Twins, Red Sox and Yankees are all getting cold feet…and, frankly, if the Mets are not a player in this, i would love to see the Twins hang on to the guy, which could be a far more realistic option right now than we realize

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