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It will be more or less non-stop Johan Santana talk from now through the end of next week - and understandably so…

First off, Newsday reported this week that the Yankees plan to make a ‘good, strong offer,’ because they believe they have ‘more to offer the Twins in a trade than anybody else.'

That may be true, but will they actually do it? I mean, the Yankees can offer Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera, but will they? Personally, the people I've talked with say they have no intention of trading Melky, and not because of any scandalous rumors; but because they need him in center field with Johnny Damon.

Lastly, also over the weekend,’s Peter Gammons said that the Twins want Hughes, Cabrera and Austin Jackson, while Santana is seeking at least six years and $150 million for his next deal.

My feeling is that the Mets are prepared to pull the trigger on any deal, so long as it doesn't include David Wright or Jose Reyes, which is why I keep saying, "It’s not so much about whether the Mets can top each team’s best package, it’s about who, besides the Mets, is willing to overpay in a trade to get him and sign him to that massive contract extension." And I believe Omar Minaya is willing to do it.

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