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Yesterday,’s Andrew Marchand reported that the Yankees had pulled their ‘Phil Hughes-centered trade offer’ for Johan Santana, adding that the they will not restart trade talks unless Hank Steinbrenner has another change of heart.

Roughly four hours later, Steinbrenner told the Associated Press that the Yankees are still discussing Santana, adding, “There's still a little talk back and forth.

…oh…my…god…it’s like the movie Groundhog Day…

Steinbrenner, as quoted by the AP…

"There wasn't an official offer anyway. You can't withdraw something that wasn't there.  There was no official offer on the table at this time."

Additionally, according to Tyler Kepner in the New York Times, the Yankees have not had a formal trade offer since the winter meetings in December.

well, that at least jives with what i had been writing, which is that the Twins want Phil Hughes, and the Yankees will not part with him…once they say, ‘Hey, here’s Hughes, come and get it,’ the Yankees will vault in to the front-runner’s position in this race, and i believe that is what the Twins are holing out hope for

of course, if the Yankees can offer a better package from the Twins point of view, one which keeps hughes in pinstripes, but gives minnesota the impactful, major-league ready pitcher they are seeking, the Yankees current quotes could be true - even though they read like flip-flopping nonsense

In the New York Post, Mark Hale and Mike Puma quote Yankees GM Brian Cashman as saying he could still make a deal for Santana, “if the Twins lower the asking price.”

According to Puma and Hale, citing ‘another Yankees official,’ the Twins continue to demand Hughes, Melky Cabrera, Ian Kennedy and Jeff Marquez.

For more on the internal arguments within the Yankees, check out Kepner in the New York Times.

At the same time, according to the Pioneer Press, the Red Sox remain ‘keenly interested’ in trading for Santana.

Meanwhile, according to a person familiar with the situation, Puma and Hale write that a) the Mets are unwilling to go give more than a five-year extension to Santana, and b) the Mets are not engaged in heavy discussions with the Twins anyways.

Last night on SNY’s Mets Hot Stove, the Star-Ledger’s Dan Graziano,’s Ken Rosenthal and former-GM Jim Duquette talked with Kevin Burkhardt about whether the Mets should trade so many prospects for Santana.

To watch a clip of the discussion, click here.

by the way, am i the only one who winced at the irony of duquette providing insight in to trading young prospects…eek

For what it’s worth, when asked where he believes Santana will eventually end up, Rosenthal ‘reluctantly’ said ‘the Mets,’ since he no longer believes anything the Yankees say publicly.

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