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Yesterday, Collin Cowgill went 1-for-1 with a double, walk and a run scored.

After his sixth inning double, Cowgill advanced to third base on an error by Micah Owings, but scored on the same play when Nationals' pitcher Bill Bray didn't pay attention to him.

“As soon as [Cowgill] came around third and saw that the pitcher had his back to home plate, I don’t even think Tim Teufel said anything. That’s the kind of player we’ve been told he is," Terry Collins said after the game.

What Cowgill did in the sixth inning won't show up in the box score, but he got the attention of everyone in the stadium, and I'm sure his manager and teammates. Cowgill simply took advantage of the Nationals falling asleep, took a chance, and it paid off for him and the team. He told me last week that's the kind of player he aspires to be on the bases: someone ho likes to be aggressive, distract the opposing pitcher, get dirty and take extra bases when possible. It's a baseball personality the Mets really lacked last year, and they were a very station-to-station team as a result.

Cowgill's aggressiveness and creativity on the bases is representative of exactly what the Mets need to be this season. They are not a team which possesses much speed, and outside of David Wright and Ike Davis, they really lack a lot of extra-base power up and down the lineup. And so, they need to be aggressive, take chances, and try and make things happen on a regular basis in order to score more than the 650 runs they tallied last year. Perhaps Cowgill can be a role model in that regard, as he's fearless, acts as a spark plug and can change the dynamic of any offensive situation when he's on-base.

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