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According to SNY's Matt Dunn, Terry Collins told Jason Bay he intends to have Bay face left-handed pitching and only right-handed pitchers who he best matchs up against.

Collins doesn't know how or why Bay has declined the way he has, and he says Bay has no answers to his decline either. Considering what Bay does during batting practice, Collins believes Bay still has what it takes to be successful and he hopes Bay can find his old swing and confidence in this new role.

Call it what you want, a platoon, a strategy to 'get him going again,' but the reality is Bay has been terrible, he's totally lost at the plate, missing on Double-A level fastballs down the pipe and he is not the best option. And, frankly, that's not saying a whole lot, because the Mets outfield is bordering on comical. It has to be an area they spend money on because it's a weakness, and - while they have a crop of minor league outfielders worth discussing - they all have hitches to their game that make scouts and others question whether any of them are full-time, starting outfielders for a National League team.


Bay has hit .167 against right-handed pitching and .140 against left-handed pitching this season.

In his career, Bay has hit .268 against right-handed pitching and .277 against left-handed pitching.

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