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This afternoon, Terry Collins told reporters he intends to go to Sandy Alderson and the team's ownership about naming David Wright captain of the Mets.

"I have an idea in my head of how to approach it as we move forward, and I'll start that process," Collins said. "It's something I need to discuss with Jeff and Sandy first."

The itself would serve as a symbolic reminder of Wright's stature with his teammates and the organization, and it would certainly make many fans happy. But, watching and listening to Wright in the dugout and in the clubhouse over the last few of years, I think he is the de facto leader of this team already. He is a principal motivator, he talks to him teammates in the dugout about situations that unfold and he – along with Daniel Murphy – are the group’s two top cheerleaders. Other players have said publicly that Wright leads by example, and so I think his peers view him in that leadership role anyway, even though the C isn’t on his jersey.

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