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So the Mets are cornering the market on backup catchers.  Monday the team signed Chris Coste, recently of the Phillies. 

Coste really knows how to make a great first impression in New York.  He told CSN that:
“It was the Mets. It’s the last team I ever saw myself playing for. .... I will always be a Phillie." 

For what its worth, after hitting relatively well earlier in his career, Coste, who will be 37 on Opening Day 2010, was worth exactly 0 WAR - replacement level - in 2009. 

Also on Monday, Ken Rosenthal at reported that the Mets were talking to, and close to a deal with one of the great backup catchers (oxymoron alert) Henry Blanco.  

Meanwhile, in his blog at the Post, Bart Hubbach pointed out that the Mets catching situation remains very fluid:

The machinations at catcher -- not to mention the Mets' continued interest in front-line catchers Bengie Molina and Rod Barajas -- mean Omir Santos is no lock to make the Opening Day roster, despite his stunning selection to the Topps Rookie All-Star Team last week.

Why is signing a back-up catcher the most pressing issue the week before baseball's winter meetings?  Help me out here gang.  I wish I was in the conference room at Citi Field where, when the Mets front office was discussing off-season planning, signing Chris Coste before new year's was on the agenda.  What would that conversation have looked like?

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